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The only IPSP that earns its fee.
The only IPSP that earns its fee.


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Join Vendo for our first live webinar. Our discussion will be lead by both industry and mainstream leaders in their fields. The webinar is open to everyone. We will be expanding on our standing room only seminar held this January in Las Vegas discussing “Analytics: What the leaders are doing in 2016”

- Rick Pechter, Sr. Director Advanced Analysis & Data Mining at MicroStrategy
- Thomas Skavhellen, Chief Brand Officer at PlugRush
- Carl Burckhardt, Vice President of Marketing at Kink
- Thierry Arrondo, Managing Director at Vendo

Top 3 Things In Analytics You Need To Know To Run Your Business In 2016

Dynamic Pricing
If you are not doing this you are losing money. How can you start with dynamic pricing in 2016?

Artificial Intelligence
AI is self-driving cars…and tons of decisions industry leaders take each day. How can you take advantage of it in 2016?

Decision Support Tools
F**king tired of useless reports? Us too! We will discuss how the leaders are getting great reports in 2016.
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