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Our first products are available. Please have a look for some very reasonable priced web applications to start or increase your online presence.

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Nice information on setting up a #bootstrap formatted form using the simple_form Ruby gem with icons embedded in the form fields. Focused on keeping it DRY, so without the need to manually add CSS formatting on all separate forms/fields.

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If you are interested in orchestrating/automating the process of getting Let's Encrypt certificates on your NGINX servers with Ansible, this article might be interesting to read.
#letsencrypt #nginx #ansible #https #orchestration

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Interesting post on getting free SSL/TLS #letsencrypt certificates to secure your websites.
Without any downtime of your #NGINX web server and fully automated using the orchestration tool #Ansible.

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Read about the raison d'etre of VegerWeb: A short overview of thoughts and ideas for VegerWeb both as a company and as a blog.

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VegerWeb is founded by a professional software developer/enthusiast, who likes to spend his free time on developing software as well, in order to show-case his thoughts and projects.

Keep an eye on this page for interesting updates and information on web/software development, web hosting, orchestration, and more.
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