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Helping to create happy ostomates.
Helping to create happy ostomates.

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If you live in the Toronto area, come by =)


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New article (and video) is up!!

Planning to visit Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando? Have an ostomy or IBD? Here are some tips.

Special thanks to +Sara Ringer, +Dan Sharp and +The Front Butt YouTuber for being in the video =) 

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Just in time for Valentine's Day! {title}

My all-out guide to sex and intimacy with an ostomy is finally here - this took dozens of hours of work and it's by far my most ambitious video project to date.

This video covers just about everything you want to know about sex when you've got a stoma including when and how to talk to your partner, clothing options for support and bag concealment, oral sex, masturbation, using sex toys, and more! (I told you this covers a lot!).

Please share this within the ostomy community. It's a topic that many people feel embarrassed to talk about, especially within the LGBT community, so let's get this out in the open!

Special thanks to +Christy S +Sara Ringer and +The Front Butt YouTuber for the Q&A session and the recording of it.

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It's hard to believe that I had an appliance change video up for two years and had no written guide.

Well, today that changes! I've updated this article with written instructions, photos, and tips!

Enjoy ;)

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Need help transitioning to a plant-based diet? I ask a Registered Dietitian some important questions (IBD tips included!).

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New Ostomy Tips article/video is up! Thanks to +The Front Butt YouTuber for collaborating with me on this one!

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Welcoming 2017 with a new #ostomy product review! 

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Thank you, 2016. Looking forward to 2017. 

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New video is up! Here's what happens when you get seventeen IBD and ostomy advocates in one place =)

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Thank you, +Coloplast US for removing gelatin from your Assura and Easiflex products! These are now 100% vegan!

I hope that other manufacturers follow suit and replace the animal ingredients found in their ostomy products.

I've updated my massive list of over 800 ostomy products to reflect this exciting news:
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