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Called and ask to see if there's Similac organic baby formula, before I even finished my sentence, their operator Lucy Elderg says "no no no we don't have it" and then hung up on me. I called again, and Lucy picks up the phone and I told her that she haven't let me finish my sentence before she hung up on me... then guess what? She hangs up on me again. LOL I swear I can't make this up. So I called again, and ask to speak to her manager... She tried to excuse her behavior by saying "I knew what you were going to ask me for, and we no have it, i know we no have it" and I continue my request "May I please speak to your manager"... after 6 minutes of waiting, I'm transferred over to the shoe department with another non-english speaking lady who then tells me "no no no no this is shoes department", then she hangs up on me. SOOOOO... I have some time on my hand, I decided to call again. Lucy the operator picks up, I asked to speak to a manager... her manager. She says "Oh okay okay, and hangs up on me" I tried again, because now I'm fueled by my anger... and surprisingly I asked to speak to the manager again, and I got a lady name Guiselle Martinez... I asked if she's the manager, and she informs me that no she's not... she's the supervisor. I asked to file a complaint, she says she can't do that, but she can help me with whatever product it is I need to look up. I asked her who was the operator handling the calls 10-15 minutes ago... she says she doesn't know, because there are many operators. Then after asking for her full name and digging into how many operators etc... she finally tells me that there's only one operator working, and her name was Lucy Elderg. I then ask to speak to Lucy's boss... she says she'll go get him now... and then I got hung up on. My final call, I got Lucy again. I asked to speak to Randy who's Lucy's boss... and assistant Manager to the store. I asked for his name, he says he doesn't need to give me his name but for me to know that he is the assistant manager and he can help me file a complaint against Lucy. This Walmart has no professionalism whatsoever... they have someone who barely speaks english answering phone calls as an operator. I have to say the worse Walmart experience... Recommendation: Go to Target.
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