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Vee Popat
Inbound Content Marketing + SEO + SMO + Social Media = VPDM Digital
Inbound Content Marketing + SEO + SMO + Social Media = VPDM Digital

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SEO Tactics To Avoid Using Today
Website optimization, or SEO, is a beast in perpetual motion. Constantly evolving year after year, if not day after day. Are there certain SEO tactics to avoid using?

SEO tactics that used to work at once upon a time are now either obsolete, or if used, could get your rankings to drop, or even worse, get you penalized by Google.

How do you ensure your website is properly optimized for search and protected against any search algorithm updates and penalties?

You need to pay close attention to certain SEO tactics to avoid. Stop using the outdated and antiquated SEO tactics that some SEO “experts” may still be using. 

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Exclusive video with spine tingling reactions from inside +Nightmares Fear Factory Niagara Falls, Canada.

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Wow THIS!!!

12 mesmerizingly informative GIFs.

Have you ever seen how an ant walks or how Big Bird is operated?

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4 Elements to Successful Content Marketing For Local SEO
How do you make your Inbound Content Marketing drive your local SEO strategy? Today, I’m going to share with you how I make creating content a sport, and how it helps my digital shop, and our client’s businesses get the most out of their Content Marketing for Local SEO.

I came across a useful Infographic from a content marketing company known as Brafton. *It’s an excellent reminder of why your company needs a comprehensive content marketing strategy in order to achieve rock solid Local SEO.)

For example, since 97% of consumers search for local business online, you’d think that every local business would want to be creating and optimizing useful and relevant content, that’s tailored to their specific audiences.

Creating customized marketing persons and crafting content that specifically solves a “problem” those persons are experiencing is not only the key to Local SEO for small businesses, it’s also the key to “new” SEO in 2014 and beyond.

If executed correctly, creating useful local content puts the focus on engaging your social media fans and followers along with your website’s visitors.

This means that not only will you generate local traffic, you’ll also be driving local leads.

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Great for advertisers!
Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform With Cross-Device Targeting And Offline Sales Tracking.

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This is what I'm talkin' about...
+Nightmares Fear Factory 

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This pretty much sums it all up. #ContentMarketing 
12 Content Marketing Tips
A ton of helpful tips to help you get better results from content marketing.
Which is your favourite?
I like: "Write For Your Audience," as this is really important to increase engagement, and trust in your company.

Get more content marketing help here:
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Thanks +Neil Patel 
I always try to keep this in mind: 

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It's almost the weekend... anyone else feeling like this??

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Animated Photo

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Looks like +Nightmares Fear Factory received enough "Funny" votes to make it on the home page of +Funny Or Die 

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