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#Chandra #Grahana #Chandra_Grahana #Lunar_Eclipse #eclipse  
Lunar Eclipse (an essay of 4 articles). Article #4: Esoteric Essence of Eclipse

The upcoming Chandra Grahana will be a moment in time-space continuum, when people minds will be completely dominated by Ketu Graha. Ketu is the Graha of transformation whose sole purpose is to bring a person to God and Divinity. Ketu does it by removing all priorities from person's life other than God.

In time of Chandra Grahana even perfectly well-planned actions (as Chandra is Karaka of planning) will not go according to the schedule and will not bring expected results. Even more - results can be quite opposite to expectations! This way Ketu shows to a person that he/she is not a real master of his life, that results of his actions do not entirely depend on his ability to plan and execute...

And that all results actually depend on the state of Divinity in a person. Ketu makes a person free of all inner "rubbish" to understand what to do to reach God and Moksha. Hence Ketu influence might seem negative, but it has deep positive results for person's spiritual evolution. It highlights all the illusions, wrong ideas and ideals, egoistic actions and through failure, separating true from false, it shows person his real place and mission in life. Ketu makes person understand that true happiness lies not in results of his actions, but in the process itself.

In the end Ketu teaches person to choose action he really likes to do and fulfill. This brings most positive changes in life:

- a person gives his best to the things he is doing.
- he feels deeply satisfied from the action itself.
- filling his actions with Love, a person gets a Divine support and thus better results than ever expected.

To sum it all up, it can be said that any of Chaya (Shadow) Graha (Ketu in our case), and Chandra Grahana in general does everything to remind a person that a main motivation of his action should be a feeling of satisfaction from the process, not the final result!

Otherwise a person will face negative effects of Lunar Eclipse:
- activation of negative Prarabdha Karma.
- wrong actions based on wrong understanding of the reality. It is important to remember that under the influence of Chandra Grahana, a person will automatically do the most inadequate actions. Vedic texts advice not to do or start anything important in a day of the eclipse, but focus attention on any form of Divine. It will help to channelize the powerful energy of the Eclipse in positive direction.

Stay aware and be cautious about what you wish for on the day of Chandra Grahana!

Best Regards,

VedicTime.Com Team
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#Chandra #Grahana #Moon #Lunar_Eclipse  
Lunar Eclipse (an essay of 4 articles). Article #3: Important classical rules

Year's 2015 last Chandra Grahana (Lunar Eclipse) will happen on the 28th of September in Meena Rashi, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra from 0:14 a.m. till 5:23 a.m. (UTC, Greenwich Time). It will be the full eclipse that will reach its peak at 02:48 a.m. (UTC, Greenwich Time).

Important classical rules concerning this astrological event

1) Precaution concerning non-looking at Lunar eclipse: according to Muhurta Prakash (classical source on Jyotish) it is especially inauspicious if Grahana is seen by a person and it’s falling on his/her Janma Rashi (position of Chandra in person's horoscope) or 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th or 12th Rashi from Janma Rashi. In this case Grahana causes Arishta (misfortunes, troubles and calamity). Thus now, especially those people whose Chandra is in Meena (Pisces), Kanya (Virgo), Simha (Leo), Karkata (Cancer), Mithuna (Gemini) and Mesha (Aries) should be very careful and not to look on Grahana.

2) Nakshatra occupied by Chandra (Moon) at the time of Chandra Grahana (now it's Uttara Bhadrapada) must be left as it's highly malefic one without any remedy:
• for 6 months if the Grahana is full (as in case with current eclipse),
• 5 months if it is 3/4 part of Grahana,
• 3 months if it is half Grahana,
• one month if it is 1/4 part of Grahana;
• in all the elections.

3) As classical sources also say, no auspicious work should be done:
• 3 days before the Grahana if eclipsed Graha (Surya or Chandra) is set (is situated in the western horizon);
• 3 days after the Grahana if eclipsed Graha (Surya or Chandra) rises (when it’s situated in eastern horizon).
If half Grahana occurs at any other time (neither at rising nor at setting time of the luminaries) then 3 days before, the day of Grahana and 3 days after the Grahana, i.e., for 7 days no auspicious work should be done.

4) Classical Jyotirvidyabharnam says that no auspicious work should be done:
• in 7 days in case of full Grahana (as in case with current eclipse);
• in 5 days in case of 3/4 part of Grahana;
• in 4 days in case of half Grahana;
• in 3 days in case of 1/4 part of Grahana.

5) Effects concerning Grahana in one’s Janma Kundali (horoscope): if Chandra Grahana is falling on
• Janma Rashi – it causes injury and pain to the body (in case of current eclipse this rule is related to those people whose Chandra is in Meena (Pisces) Rashi);
• the 2nd Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes loss of wealth / items (for those people whose Chandra is in Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi);
• the 3rd Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes gain of fame and wealth (for those people whose Chandra is in Makara (Capricorn) Rashi);
• the 4th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes pain in body (for those people whose Chandra is in Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi);
• the 5th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes worries regarding progeny (for those people whose Chandra is in Vrshchika (Scorpio) Rashi);
• the 6th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes brings comforts (for those people whose Chandra is in Tula (Libra) Rashi);
• the 7th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes trouble to spouse, separation (for those people whose Chandra is in Kanya (Virgo) Rashi);
• the 8th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes death (for those people whose Chandra is in Simha (Leo) Rashi);
• the 9th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes insults (for those people whose Chandra is in Karkata (Cancer) Rashi);
• the 10th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes comforts (for those people whose Chandra is in Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi);
• the 11th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes gains (for those people whose Chandra is in Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi);
• the 12th Rashi from Janma Rashi - it causes loss of wealth, increase in expenditure (for those people whose Chandra is in Mesha (Aries) Rashi).
If an Grahana occurs at the birth constellation, death results.

Be careful!

Best Regards,
VedicTime.Com team
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#God #Maya #illusion #Ahamkara #Karma #balance  

Any Maya (illusion) that feeds and supports your Ahamkara (false Ego) and separates You from the infinite source of energy (God), sooner or later will be destroyed. This is the law of Karma: what is born in this world, must finish its existence. Thus, finding balance and harmony through the regular acceptance of the inevitability of losses is … a base of truly happy life.

Best regards,
VedicTime.Com Team
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#Ganesha #Chaturthi  

On the 16th of September, 2015, 14:32 GMT comes Shukla Chaturthi of Bhadrapada month, the beginning of Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is an ancient Indian festival, also known as the Vinayak Chaturthi, celebrated across India in honor of the birthday of Ganesha Devata.

According to Vedic classic sources Ganesha is an elephant-headed man, most of all known as Vighnaharta ("An Obstacle Remover") and Buddhi Pradaayaka ("A Wisdom Giver"). Thus, Ganesha is Devata, who’s in charge of all obstacles in the Universe and human life, as well as ways to overcome those obstacles. It is Ganesha who gives energy and wisdom to solve problems, he’s in charge of giving a divine blessing for any action or activity. Ganesha also is always the first Devata to be worshipped before starting any important action, business or activity. Therefore, the status of Ganesha in mind of a person has a very strong influence in final results that one gets from his/her activity. So generally speaking, Ganesh Chaturthi is a very special day when through the worshipping to Ganesha’s energy You can eliminate any obstacles in life current year (starting with diseases and ending up with any particular obstacles that You need to spend a lot of efforts to overcome).

The easiest way to worship Ganesha this day is a repetition of Ganesh Mantra during the Tithi (for example, ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः (Om Shri Ganeshāy Namah)). Other ways of worshipping are endless. You can do Ganesh Pooja or Ganesh Homa (special ceremonies dedicated to Ganesha), practice Ganesh Mudra (special combination of hands and fingers to invoke energy of Devata into human consciousness), draw Ganesh Pratimas (images), make Ganesh Murti (figurines), read Puranas (stories and legends) about Ganesha and so on and so forth. The principle is the same everywhere – focus Your energy on Ganesha. And the more You give your sincere attention to Ganesha, the stronger will be Ganesha’s taking care of You, protecting from mishaps, misfortunes and mistakes as well as filling You with wisdom in any action and situation.

P.s. the only condition to Ganesh Chaturthi – one shouldn't look on Moon this day. It is believed that if a person looks on Moon during Ganesh Chaturthi, he/she becomes vulnerable to falling into disrepute because of evil tongues. Classical texts also say that it's possible to get rid from this particular evil effect of Ganesh Chaturthi if shortly after looking on Moon one will be offended or hit by one of his/her neighbours.

Stay happy! (and be careful with neighbours :-) )

Kind regards,
VedicTime team
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#eclipse #solar_eclipse #lunar_eclipse #Grahana  

P.S. A little postcard from VedicTime with some thoughts on one's birth during solar/lunar eclipse.
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#eclipse #solar_eclipse #Grahana  

On the 13th of September, 2015 Surya Grahana (Solar eclipse) will occur in Simha Rashi, Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra. The peak of it will happen at 6:55 a.m. (UTC, Greenwich Time).

More on solar eclipses (and previous solar eclipse that took place on the 20th of March'2015) read here:

Best Regards, Team
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#yoga #vedas #people  

Some people judge and say: „Vedic knowledge is out-dated. Those teachings do not meet today's life’s demands (its fast pace, modern problems and so on). Everything’s different now and this knowledge is not for real people, just for fanatics.

Kindly allow to disagree.

The concept of universal harmony and balance existed in past, exists now and will exist in future.Today people are looking for harmony as much as they did it before in the past. Maybe - even much more. And vedic systems like Jyotish, Vaastu, Ayurveda and etc. give knowledge how to create and support harmony inside and outside us with our own actions in any sphere of life.

All Vedic knowledge is based on a very simple karmic law - The Law of Cause & Effect. What you sow is what you reap and harmonious “sowing conditions” (that are synchronized with natural rhythms of Universe) assure an abundant harvest that will satisfy the needs of sower (in other words – spread harmony and balance in his life). But what makes Vedic knowledge different - it works with harmony and balance on the very causal level of Prana (energy) in person’s mind. Thus, each Veda can help to build the internal base that fills a person with energy and powers from the very beginning and result in correct, timely and fruitful final actions.

It’s not just a list of thoughtless cliches. Vedas are a well-organized knowledge base that can make you balanced and powerful and make it primarily inside. And (as a consequence) outside. If you live with harmony inside, it will definitely grow outside. As an example you can imagine one person who breaks through a door with brute force, while another uses keys to open it with minimal effort. No need to explain whose actions are harmonious and efficient and whose are not. As a result, the first man will need to spend his time and funds to repair the broken door (and, perhaps, his shoulder), which will leave him far behind from a "smart" peaceful guy.

Vedic knowledge is not an out-dated list of superstitions from the past. Vedic sacred knowledge makes it possible to know which actions will turn beneficial and which won’t. More than that - it makes possible to keep this knowledge inside as a certain state of Prana in one’s consciousness. How often will a person turn to this knowledge for advice is entirely up to him/her. It mostly depends on the level of self- awareness.

So… there is a question. Who are those judges of out-dated Vedic knowledge and “today’s life’s demands”? Are they people, whose main goal is to get what the want, to earn millions, etc... just to realize later that it doesn’t make them happy and time they’ve spent chasing money has been spent uselessly?? Not completely uselessly though... People learn from their mistakes. Samsara is like a wheel of lives and deaths. People are just little chipmunks running in it. Most will die still spinning this wheel, going to be reborn again and again. Few will jump out, escape and achieve liberation. And this is right and fair after all. Some people become living examples for others. Some become those “others” who use those “living examples”.

Best Regards, team
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Dear users,

tonight we've planned a brief #meditation on our servers. And because of technical maintenance in the data center, our website may not be available. We hope that will be fully available next morning already. Thanks for Your understanding!

hard-working team
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Dear friends,

We've noticed there are active users among our audience, who are authors of many public horoscopes. In our opinion it's not so convenient to search for link to a necessary horoscope in a big heap of e-mails. So now we've created a special functionality block named "List of my horoscopes". With help of it you can receive the list of all your public horoscopes in one letter. Use it with our best wishes!

Best Regards, team
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