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Be a creator, not a consumer
Be a creator, not a consumer

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Hey guys,

I bought the Google Home on release day and all is good. Recently I bought a Vizio connected Soundbar and subwoofer for my TV. I cast music all the time from GPM from my phone and YouTube from my Desktop.

But Home cannot play anything, nor acknowledge the device. It seems like the functionality is supposed to be there [] but just doesn't work for me. I get a response such as: "I am sorry, I don't know how to play that"

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+Artem Russakovskii
They changed rates for some international it seems
Australia used to be 2¢/min. Now it's 1¢
Bahrain is still 15¢/min though

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I need to make a call from the United States (+1, CA) to Australia (+61, NSW).

What is the cheapest (preferably free) way to call?
T-Mobile is charging $2 a minute so a 1 hour call might cost me $120. 

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This is what happens when a government plan is executed as its supposed to be.

“Had states like Texas and Florida followed California’s lead, they might have seen more gains like California’s,” he said.

But they won't because they're Republican states. They won't follow what a Democratic president would put in. They will purposefully undermine it in order likelihood of a Republican president.

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Looks the page shifting issue has been since AT LEAST 2 years. Not yet fixed? I have the same issue now and nothing works.

+Google +Ian Tang

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WTC 1 Memorial - New York City
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks +TMobile​ for Unlimited Data standard

No thanks to
2G tethering (it used to be LTE)
480p video (or you can pay $25 a month to turn it off!)
Less options

6GB is enough. Thanks for turning a $65 plan into a $70 + $25 + $15 plan ($110). 

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Manhattan as seen from Jersey City.

I'm on the go, so no post-processing. 
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