The one thing about blogging that IS dead:

So, I visited all the blogs who wrote about Facebook today. You can see a list of them on Techmeme at

One thing that seems to be dead? Blog comments!

Here, let's look, on all the blogs together as of 12:05 p.m. Pacific there are 87 comments. That's pathetic, for businesses that have spent many years building up audiences they should be seeing TONS of interaction on their audiences. More comments have been posted here on Google+ and over on Facebook than that.

I'm seeing this as a trend. I'm seeing blog comments going down on most of the blogs I'm watching.

Professional bloggers, is this something you are noticing too?

What do you attribute it to? Me? I think readers' time is being stretched. Plus, a lot of us are using Flipboard/AOL Editions/Feedly/Google Reader/Zite etc to read blogs, and those don't afford a lot of interactivity.

This has got to be a worrying trend for publishers who are trying to show advertisers that their audiences are engaged and passionate about the topics they are covering.

My research:

No comments on Search Engine Land:

No comments on Inside Facebook:

One comment on All Facebook: or their other article

No comments on BBC:

No comments on NYTimes:

One comment on Business Insider:

One comment on the Guardian:

33 comments on Mashable:

15 comments on Techcrunch:

Two comments on AllThingsD:

No comments on GigaOm:

Zero comments on Mercury News:

Zero comments on Wall Street Journal:

34 comments on Scobleizer
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