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Though I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing that you should come npc for eclipse, I will now entertain you with the 'pros' of doing so:
1. Buttons!
2. Indian Springs - so close!
3. OMG it's fall! what a great time to larp!
4. Yummy food. In the fall. I know for a fact that there will be some awesome breakfasts, and some tasty evening dinners. Heck, there is an in play bar where npc's go just to spend their hard earned creds on tasty food! (and give out some good gossip, mmkay?)
5. Easy Costuming! Or hard costuming! Be a fringer and wear your shabbiest best! Be an Imperial and wear your leathers and club gear! Be a Meurlain, and confuse everyone - I mean, who are those guys anyway? (they are actually the psionic race that everyone usually forgets in lists like these...)
6. Entertain your plot committee! Or kill em! Or both!
7. Fighting, so fun!
8. Drama, so fun!
9. What? A rave? In black lights?
10. It's a 4 day! Why is that good? Because you can pick a day, and come help out!
I'm sure I'll think of more later. It's the last event ever for this game, so would love to make it awesome. :)

Happiness is calling a site about checking in, and having the ranger tell us that they love us so much. You guys rock!

Calamity Prereg!
Prereg list! Here are all the people who have paid, or sent a note saying they are definitely going to be at the event. At this point, slots are no longer being held for previous players, though any new players must have a history and build spend approved in order to be guaranteed a slot. Feel free to drop me a note if there are any issues!
Abernathy Tim
Adams Brian
Adams Michael
Asbury Chris
Avilles Alejandro
Banish Jonathan
Barrett Ashley
Becker Jodi
Boggs Lance
Branch Julie
Bronson Christopher
Brosan Chancery
Burley Caleb
Cali David
Cali Gail
Calkins Jo
Cantrell Jonathan
Carden Amy
Carden Ryan
Cavender George
Chadwick Chad
Cheney Stephen
Clark Steve
Compton Taylor
Crane JC
Dockery Jamie
Duncan Steve
Efird Katherine
Efird Stephen
Franklin Ray
Glosson Richard
Goldstein Lennon
Goyeau Mary
Grant Matthew
Graziani Carol
Halabi Dianna
Halabi Saleem
Hammontree Natalie
Harshbarger Lee
Harshbarger Tina
Howard Christie
Howard Clayton
Howdeshelle Peter
Jones Chris
Jones Rachel
Kasten Ariel
Kennedy Chandler
Kitchen Jeremy
Knight James
Kotas William
Krawczyk Blue
La Belle Phillip
Lacey Jason
Landreth Buddy
Landreth Melissa
Lastinger Anita
Lastinger Jay
Luken Destrey
Marshall Zach
Martin Joie
Massaro Sean
Maurer Erin
Maurer John
Maurer Tara
McCrohan Sean
McLaughlin Colin
Mifsud Christopher
Miller Adam
Miller Christopher
Miller Lara
Mines Jennifer
Mines Joe
Myers Darrin
Nichols Ken
Nunn John
Parkman Patrick
Payne Joey
Peace Amber
Perez Stephen
Peugh Jaclene
Reed Marc
Russell Derek
Russell James
Sanders Chris
Schumpert David
Steadman Paige
Stembridge Jay
Stembridge Veaya
Tarpley Remi
Thompson Su
Tomaselli Greg
Turner Wade
Vines Dustin
Weinstein Jennifer

Posting here again in case people want to npc! (if you are interested, please drop a note to me and +Adam Miller!)

First - apologies for the lack of posts! We had high hopes of cool intro in play things, but time got away from us. Hoping to get you more in play details this weekend. There should be food and drink available, as well as some time in the AC, but be sure to bring bugspray and sunscreen.

Dates: Saturday August 12, 10am - 8ish. Pickett's Mill (might ask for some to come early for set up) In play party: Saturday night, August 12. 8ish (roughly an hour after the event wraps up) at
Angie and Jason's new place - ping for address

If anyone can bring a pavillion/sun shade, we'd love several as well as help setting them up. Also, any black light paraphernalia would be awesome. Drop me and Adam a note if you are bringing it so we know what to expect.

A few bga's will be answered next weekend as they pertain to the one day, the rest will be answered in time for the 3 day.


Eclipse Announcement!
Additional one day will be happening August 12th at Pickett's Mill Park group site. This building is air conditioned, so at least part of the day will be spent in the cpolness. This one day will be run by special guest staff so that the Plot committee can take that time to rest and work on the last events.

More details are forthcoming - and there will also be a party the Friday night beforehand. Place for that is not yet finalized.

(special guest staff: Veaya and Adam)

If there was (in addition to stroganoff) Arugula salad with lemon oil and vinegar dressing -who would eat it? It's my new fave, but it's good because it's that dressing, so not planning to bring extra dressings. If no one would eat it, probably won't bother :)

Need Help!
So, it looks like some crucial paperwork went missing from the workday, and the AH Stephens folks need the info in order to get their funding. If you were at the workday please take just a moment to email me at with the following information:

Name, phone number, email, address, and the approximate number of hours you worked including drive time. It should only take you a couple of minutes and will mean a lot to the park.

So, I got Jay to watch the first Legion with me last night, and weirdly I super enjoyed watching it again. I may watch the whole thing if he sticks with it. (he really liked the first one)

What I want to know is this! When Syd comes into his room to tell him she's leaving - you see the door open and no one come in. What is up with that?

Also, during David's interrogation, the weird glass eye guy puts a dog on the table - and the cut to a scary dog in a cage. Wut?

Any thoughts?

Prereg - with cabins!
Blanz, Eric 4--7
Brown, Justin 4--L
Cantrell, Jonathan 4--5
Chergi, Steph 4--2
Friedman, Zach 4--7
Gray, Jason 4--6
Haffey, Mike 4-L
Jones, Chris 4--1
Jones, Rachel 4--1
Kotas, Will 4--5
Leinen, Mike 4-L
Long, Jeff 4--2
Manfre, Kate 4--6
Martin, Joie 4--2
McGeehan, Kristyn 4-L
Miller, Adam 4--5
Morehead, John 4--3
Pearl, Angela 4--6
Prewitt, Dave 4-L
Stembridge, Jay 4--4
Stembridge, Veaya 4--5
Thompson, Jeff 4-L
Thompson, Sue 4--4
Westmoreland, Brianna 4--3

Yo! Poke your friends who haven't preregged for Eclipse! And if you can't go, or can't stay the full event, tell plot!
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