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Few days ago I read an article about Linksys WRT54G router still being sold, despite using outdated Wireless G standard. This Sunday went to flea market and found one for 2 euro. Set it up and it works perfectly. Also, maybe the max wireless speed is not impressive. But the overall ping and webpage load is on par with my ULTIMATE router.

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I have a 180 Eur phone and it's camera has phase detection AF, ISO 1600, so SONY, something like this, is no longer acceptable. Soon all phones will be better than your fancy cameras.

Ok, this is not cool, Firefox... You said that you are going to display advertising only on new, not populated tiles. But moving down all my regular tiles and displaying your advertising on the first tile, almost tricking me into clicking it, it's not acceptable. :|

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New stuff coming with digiKam 5.0.0

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This years GSoC project. digiKam metadata improvements!

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I tried to fill some bugs, but I can't type anything in searchboxes  on
Anybody have the same problems? Using Firefox 36.0.1 on ArchLinux

Hello, I use latest version of Firefox(31) on my ArchLinux system. The only problem is video playback. All vp9 or mp4 videos have image and no sound or no image with sound.. Anyone having the same problem? I can't watch anything on youtube, and flashplayer crashes very often.

Finally removed Nepomuk from my Arch Setup. Balloo is working much better

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KDE is ready for ipv6, while Google and Facebook - not :P
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