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The latest news from across Ventura County, including Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, the Conejo Valley, Simi Valley and Moorpark.
The latest news from across Ventura County, including Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, the Conejo Valley, Simi Valley and Moorpark.

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I put myself on "Candy Crush Saga" probation.

The moment of my self-directed timeout from the video game app came when I almost — almost — made an in-app purchase to get more gold bars, lollipops, bombs and jellyfish to help me finally conquer a level that had been vexing me for so long.

The recurring appearance on my cellphone screen of "You did not clear all the jelly" was getting on my nerves. And for just $5.99, I could buy a "Mega Candy Starter Pack." The red-tag sale sign suggested it was a bargain. Just one more life or lollipop and I would win, I reasoned.

That's how the addiction begins.

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After 80 days of filming and dozens of interviews, a documentary on the Channel Islands is set to premiere in downtown Ventura next month.

"West of the West: Tales from California's Channel Islands" explores more than 13,000 years of human history on the islands, officials said.

The premiere is one of dozens of events planned by Channel Islands National Park in 2016 to celebrate the National Park Service's centennial year.

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A Grand Jury will not investigate the fatal shooting of a drunken driving suspect by a former Northern California police officer.

Former Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster is accused of shooting 26-year-old Andrew Thomas in November as he exited a vehicle after a rollover crash. Thomas died a few weeks later. Feaster has been charged with manslaughter.

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A California man will be released after spending 18 years in prison for a child molestation he is no longer believed to have committed.

The Press Democrat reports that a Lake County judge has ordered the release of the 71-year-old man because his accuser recanted the story she told police when she was 10.

The now 30-year-old woman told investigators she had lied at the behest of her mother, who battling the man for custody of their 2-year-old daughter.

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Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook says his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to help the FBI hack into an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. The company said that could potentially undermine encryption for millions of other users.

Cook's response, posted early Wednesday on the company's website, set the stage for a legal fight between the federal government and Silicon Valley with broad implications for conflicts over digital privacy and national security.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym had ordered Apple to help the FBI break into an iPhone belonging to Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the Dec. 2 attack that killed 14 people. Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, died in a gun battle with police.

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Iran on Wednesday snubbed a proposal agreed to by four influential oil producers to cap their crude output if others do the same, with a senior Oil Ministry official saying Tehran has no intention of freezing oil output levels.

Mahdi Asali, Iran's OPEC envoy, said his country will in fact keep increasing its crude exports until it reaches levels attained before international sanctions were imposed on Tehran over its nuclear program.

Asali's comments came as Iran's oil minister held a four-way, closed-door talks in Tehran with his counterparts from Iraq, Venezuela and Qatar.

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Four of the most advanced U.S. fighter jets flew over South Korea on Wednesday in a clear show of force against North Korea, a day after South Korea's president warned of the North's collapse amid a festering standoff over its nuclear and missile ambitions.

The stealthy, high-tech F-22 planes capable of sneaking past radar undetected landed at Osan Air Base near Seoul after the flyover escorted by other U.S. and South Korean fighter jets.

Pyongyang will likely view the arrival of the planes flown from a U.S. base in Japan as a threat as they are a display of U.S. airpower apparently aimed at showing what the United States can do to defend its ally South Korea from potential aggression from North Korea.

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Survivors of November's deadly Paris attacks opened up to a French terrorism commission ahead of a highly charged Paris concert Tuesday by Eagles of Death Metal - the U.S. rock band that was performing in the Bataclan concert hall the night extremist suicide bombers targeted sites around the French capital.

The commission is meeting twice a week from now until June, tasked with establishing why and how the French government failed to stop the attacks that claimed 130 lives, most of them at the Bataclan.

The Nov. 13 attacks came just 10 months after deadly jihadi attacks on a satirical newspaper and a kosher supermarket pushed the country into high alert, and forced French lawmakers to look for ways to further protect French citizens.

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Four family members are dead after their truck rolled into a canal over the holiday weekend.

The Merced Sun-Star reports authorities discovered the overturned GMC Sierra Monday. Officers pulled from the truck the bodies of a 33-year-old Snelling man, his wife, daughter and son.

Officers estimate the boy was 8 and the girl 12. The names of the victims were not immediately released.

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General Motors is recalling about 200,000 Saab and Saturn cars in the U.S. and Canada to replace the Takata driver's air bag inflators.

The move is part of a broader recall of over 5 million vehicles announced last month by U.S. safety regulators.

Takata inflators can explode with too much force in a crash and hurl metal shrapnel into drivers and passengers. At least 10 people have died worldwide and 139 have been hurt due to the problem.
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