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An interactive wizarding world experience
An interactive wizarding world experience


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Extra, extra! Check out this very special edition of the Sunday Snitch, chock full of updates, anniversaries, birthdays, and more!

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The wait is over: character creation has officially reopened! Head on over to the Bulletin Board now to see what's new and what's changed!

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It’s time for another batch of Weekly Classifieds! We’ve got quite a few requests for characters that need playing and plots that need involvement this week, so be sure to check it out!

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The Sunday Snitch is BACK! Catch up on what's been happening at Vault 713 this week, help us celebrate member birthdays and anniversaries, find a new thread to jump in, and more! 

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Just a few days left to contribute to our Marauder Era edition of The Niffler! We've already had some great submissions, but don't let yours get left behind! Remember: You don't have to have an active Marauder Era character to contribute. 

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No matter how often people proclaim your fancy, seemingly-nonexistent power over the Dark Lord, you still have a great bit of trouble believing their words!  We all know the struggle of trying to decipher prophecies and without Dumbledore around to coach you, it’s understandable that you might feel confused about your role in the ever-coming apocalypse.  We here at the Vault have compiled a handy checklist for you — let the search for the next Chosen One begin!

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Happy Valentines Day, witches and wizards! Whether you're relaxing at Madame Puddifoots with someone you hold dear or gorging yourself on Honeydukes chocolate all by your lonesome, we're here for you...and we TOTALLY get how tough it is to deal with relationships in the wizarding world!


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We have a whole bunch of updates all at once -- come see what's goin' on!

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It's that time of year again, and we've got all kinds of things in store! Check out this update for all you need to know about the new features we've added for 2013.

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Are you a fan of #HarryPotter and #Quidditch ? We have an awesome roleplaying event going on right now as a part of our 1996-1997 Pro Quidditch Season! Players are invited to create characters to participate in the Drafting Combine, a series of events that showcase your character's skill and prowess on the Quidditch Field.

For those of you who like games like #dungeonsanddragons or #pathfinder , we're actually using a fun stat system with these trials that let you pick what your character is good at to determine how well they do in what aspects.

We'd love to have you join us! Feel free to hop a broom to the Witjira Quidditch Complex and see what everyone's up to -
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