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Vaughn Allen Goodwin
Progressive Organizer, Insightful Speaker and Googlist
Progressive Organizer, Insightful Speaker and Googlist

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I hope that I see you the Meet and Greet on the Last Wednesday of this month from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. +Vaughn Allen Goodwin

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See the first Speech by President Barack Obama since he left office. This speech was delivered yesterday at the University of Chicago. Please watch and comment below.

BostonPCA Unity & PowerCall tomorrow (4/23/17) @ 8:30PM. Topic: Green Justice. 617-758-8893. NO PIN Join 1199SEIU Green Justice Caucus: . Happy Earth Day!!!

BostonPCAs: In observance of Easter Weekend, No Unity & Power Call this Sunday. Enjoy your Family Time.

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This is an inspiring sermon from Reverend William Barber delivered recently in Riverside Church in NYC. 

The BostonPCA Powercall begins at 8:30pm tonight.We continue our tribute to Womyn with 2 more speakers. We will also have an announcement. We hope you will join us. Call 617-229-6229 and no PIN needed. Please inform other PCAs.+Vaughn Allen Goodwin

Thanks to the BostonPCAs, Safanya Searcy and Romella Tucker who were on the PowerCall tonight. This call was devoted to Women PCAs. You can listen to the Powerful call here---> . Remember the following dates:

This Tuesday 3/28/17 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm is the PCA Meeting at the Dudley Library in Roxbury---> .

This Wednesday 3/29/17 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm is the Meet & Greet at the Union Hall for PCAs looking for Consumers and Consumers looking for PCAs--->

This Saturday 4/1/17 is our Caucus Potluck Evening to Celebrate World Cultures in Worcester from 4:00pm to 9:00pm at the American Legion Hall in Worcester MA. -->

Finally do not forget about attending Advocacy Day on Wednesday 4/12/17. We will be attending a breakfast that day at 8am. More details will be provided. We urge you to attend. Breakfast will be at the Omni Parker Hotel---> . You must call me to attend. We have space for 15 PCAs. Call quickly because spaces will Run out.

I hope to see you this week.
+Vaughn Allen Goodwin

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Congrats to Yvonne Long, PCA from Ward 8, who is headed to the Democratic State Convention for PCAs in Roxbury, MA. Here she is pictured with Ray Flynn, former mayor of Boston.

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This is a picture of our meeting in East Boston. Featured in the picture left to right. Going from left to right is Marco Otero , PCA from Chelsea, David Roberts PCA from East Boston, and Hung Ung Phuoc, PCA from Malden. Also next is Diana Richards from Organizer for the Northern Shore. Diana and I are engaged in intercultural organizing between Spanish and English speakers. We will share more information and plans in the near future.
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