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Hi, just joined this group as I am joining a 3rd edition campaign of this game, which I remember reading about in White Dwarf oh-so-long-ago. :-)

I was wondering if anyone has an editable character sheet or one done for excel? I have pdf printed a blank from the pdf of the rules, but I do like to maintain my characters on computer instead of just on paper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Vaughan (complete Jorune neophyte)

Just wondering, when will the pdf of Star Trek Adventures be available as a stand-alone product instead of part of a pre-order package?

I've asked this on a Facebook group but - what time will the RQ:G Quickstart be available? Please include what time zone you are using as I am in the UK and will need to convert. I am off tomorrow but am working a 12hr day on Sunday so hope I can download it to read on the day without having to wait till Monday! :-)

A possibly simple, obvious, question. The weapon sectios of the character sheet include a box for "grip" as well as for "size". Since size appears to include how many hands needed to use a weapon, what is the "grip" box for?

I have been experimenting with character creation and recall seeing somewhere in the book a mention of swapping out other talents for Sorcery talents but cannot find the page concerned when looking afresh. Could someone let me know where it is?

Also, Patron offers a free petty enchantment talent, am I correct in assuming the various categories of petty enchantment items each are one such talent? The rules do not appear to specify that. So exploding powders would be one, protective talismans would be another one, etc.

Looking forward to playing in this, a friend has a campaign in planning. 

<edit> corrected Pact to Patron regarding the Talent that opens access to Petty Enchantments.

I'm wondering if #RickMeints feels able to give an updated date for the pdf release of Cults of Prax to the RQ Classic kickstarters yet? I know the update said very soon but some ball-park idea would be nice. A week? A month? Longer?

If it's got delayed or complicated I won't mind neither i'm sure would anyone else but after giving the impression it was imminent a bit of context to the delay might be nice.

Merry Christmas, or whatever other winter festival, anyway.

Just wondering how progress is going on the pdf release to Kickstarter backers of Cults of Prax? The 20th was mentioned as a ready date but nothing seems to have happened. Delays are perfectly understandable but it would be nice to know as a specific date was mentioned. +Rick Meints

As RQ Classic is arriving round the planet, any word on the progress of the UK distribution?

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There's a thread over on where someone is looking at various systems that provide depth of gameplay and is examining them to decide which one to use.  Both Runequest 6 and Heroquest are still in the running.  Unfortunately, there's not much free material accessible about Heroquest for him to assess the rules and integration into a setting.  If anyone from Chaosium would be prepared to release a rules and character gen summary it could be useful both for the thread writer and others curious about the system.

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And then you meet Tekumel, then Glorantha. Cue blowing of mind... ;-)
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