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Vatsala Shukla
Vatsala Shukla, The Karmic Ally Coach who gets your career and life sorted out - pain free guaranteed
Vatsala Shukla, The Karmic Ally Coach who gets your career and life sorted out - pain free guaranteed

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Surviving in the corporate jungle with a stress creating boss

There are some great bosses out there, and I speak from experience. My 2 mentors were the best bosses I ever had but for some of us, it takes years to find them.

Until then we believe the Great Boss is either a mythological creature like the Unicorn or a figment of someone’s imagination translated into a management book on utopian management.

In the real world, there are all types of bosses with whom one has to work requiring special survival skills, particularly in a highly political organization.

This week, I’m walking down memory lane looking at 5 difficult boss personality types with off the cuff tips for survival, managing the boss or situation and getting some peace of mind.

#workplace #Boss

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Want to be more productive? Stop hoarding thoughts in your brain!

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Are you using your personal power bases for influence at work?

You don't have to have authority based power to achieve organizational goals, you know. There are 2 other power bases which in fact demonstrate leadership potential.

Find out more in this week's blog post.

PS. Remember to sign up for Karmic Ally Coaching's free 5 day Executive Presence email course too!

#Power #Presence

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How to exercise genuine power like a Leader

You don't have to have authority to get subordinates and peers to follow your requests - there are other ways that demonstrate you are a #leader


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Finding it difficult to focus in the midst of chaos?

These 7 tips will help you reset your concentration.

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Did you know anxiety inducing music increases our inclination to cheat?

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Will your CV or Resume pass the 10 second eyeball test?

You may have all the experience in the world that matches the job requirement but are you showcasing it well enough to get that coveted job interview invitation?

This post will show you how to improve your chances against your competitors.

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Is it possible to run a business from a perspective of “what wants to happen next?” as opposed to “what’s logical?”

A must listen to interview of Shiloh Sophia from +Reba Linker's Paint Yourself into the Picture.

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Happy 21st birthday Good Earth!

For all of us who've been +Good Earth fans from the beginning, enjoy the #Enchanted India playlist. 
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