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Vathsav Harikrishnan
Programming and hardware aficionado.
Programming and hardware aficionado.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It is hard to imagine, but just 20 years ago none of these buildings were here and there wouldn't have been any speed boats either.  This was the home of the Melbourne docks and would have had warehouses with large ships along side.  Of course someone realised that the land was too valuable, being so close the  CBD of Melbourne to be used for it's original purpose and containerisation would have also played a big part in the dock being moved further away.  The upside to these events is a new and vibrant suburb called Docklands which has people, cafes and restaurants, not to mention many very expensive boats to look at.   (1372)

This photo is best viewed large with shares and comments welcomed! (c)Lynden Smith

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