Vastu Shastra for storage

In a home we need two kinds of storage areas. One is for the groceries and food items, which can be conveniently stored in the kitchen pantry as we do not need to store food items in bulk as was the practice five or six decades back. Then we need to store quilts, linen and blankets which most of us store in the built-in closets in the beds in each bedroom. Dresses, garments are generally stored in the closets or walk in closets, available with most bedroom. In addition to all this storage we can designate one room, empty space in the South/Southwest of the master bedroom area for some valuables.

Vastu Shastra for storing cash and jewelry

In view of the growing security concerns though most of the people keep their money in the banks and expensive jewelry in the lockers or secure bank vaults yet at times you need to store some cash and jewelry in the house as well. Small cash for daily petty cash can be kept in a designated area in the Northeast or Ishan zone. Jewelry and bulk cash can be secured in a safe vault in the master bedroom, in the south corner of the room.
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