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The Sun transits to Ophiuchus today, November 30, 2015
As it happens every year, the Sun moves from Scorpio into Ophiuchus at the end of November. This year the transition will take place on November 30 at 10:00 GMT. The Sun will remain in this zodiac Sign for about 18 days, until December 18 at 17:20 GMT. The passage of the Sun from Ophiuchus has caused major changes in the system of Astrology as now the Zodiac Signs are 13.

Secondly, the dates the Sun enters therein have changed greatly and continue to change annually because of the precession of the equinoxes that continues normally. Everyone now can calculate his/her true zodiac Sign as well as the positions of the other planets in the Sky under the new theory of 13 Zodiac Astrology. Click here to Find your true Zodiac Sign.
Look in this website to find your birth horoscope with your new  13 Zodiac Birth Chart. Read the article for the  Moon, the New Ascendant of modern Astrology. Astrology is changing and we must consider it appropriate that it is based on Sciences more than ever now!

Vasilis Kanatas
Delphi, Greece
November 29, 2015
#Ophiuchus  #Astrology #Scorpio 

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After almost 5 weeks the Sun leaves Virgo on 31 October at 20:00 GMT and enters to Libra.
As we have documented many times in a scientific way through this Site, the Zodiac signs are 13 and the dates that the Sun transits to them have changed. 
The Sun will remain in Libra until November 23 at 21:50 GMT, then it will transit to Scorpio. We shall discuss in a new article about the Sun's presence in Scorpio Sign for only 6,5 days and the way this affects the new Scorpios!
Vasilis Kanatas
October 31, 2015
Delphi, Greece

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Saturn into Scorpio, a new article by Hipparchus Variations. 

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Read your 13 Signs Horoscope for the week: August 24 to 30,2015 

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In the article Which stars were you really born under?  presented by Dara O Brian in the bbc co web page we read truths and half-truths or inaccuracies!

1. Truth: the Zodiac sign of 86% of people on Earth has changed! And this is due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. An astronomical phenomenon that affects Astrology.

2. Half Truth (1st Inaccuracy): Find your zodiac sign with the implementation of the BBC applet on the same web page.  eg Capricorn 21/1 to 16/2.
The truth here is slightly different from that presented by the otherwise objective and defenders of science editors of the BBC. The dates when the Sun enters the 13 Zodiacal Constellations change every year because:
a. There are leap years that interpolate a day every four years. 
b. The Precession of the Equinoxes still moves the Celestial Dome in relation to our Earth by about six hours every year! 
So while in the year 2014 the Sun was in Capricorn from January 20, 00:20 to February 16 , 11:00 (hours GMT), in 2015 it was from January 20, 06:40 to February 16, 17:10 GMT. If six hours in one year seem to be few, imagine that four years give us a day of change. By counting leap years we are jumping one day back, and things get complicated. Fortunately all this work is done by Computers today!
If a conclusion derives from this process this is that now we need accuracy which can only be provided by the official websites of 13 Zodiac Astrology and their applets:
Find your true sign:
See your horoscope 13 Zodiac:

3. Truth: The zodiac Circle contains 13 Zodiac Signs. The 12 already known plus Ophiuchus. Ancient Greeks probably removed Ophiuchus from the zodiac circle for symmetry reasons, perhaps for other reasons we do not know yet. One thing is certain, Ophiuchus is a zodiac Sign and the Sun travels 18 days of its annual course into his territory. This from November 29/30 to December 17/18. So today Astrology must be updated to tell the whole truth to the people. Be sure that this branch of knowledge will survive with the new data because it arises from the interaction of nature and of our planetary system with humans. In addition 13 Zodiac Astrology with her forecasts is here to replace the Palaiolithic Tropical Astrology's predictions and theories.
Vasilis Kanatas
Delphi, March 29, 2015
#stargazinglive   #astrology13   #astrology   #Ophiuchus  

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The fascination that solar eclipses cause on humans is eternal.
In ancient Greece eclipses were considered unfortunate and could even cause the interruption of a battle. This happened in 585 BC when Thales of Miletus was the first to predict a solar eclipse, as recorded by Herodotus. The eclipse was the reason for the cessation of hostilities between the armies of Medeans and Lideans.
Today we do not accept the unfortunate nature of eclipses and we tend to accept them as Astronomical events beyond our powers.
In the astrological level eclipses occur on the nodes of the Moon and involve large inflow or outflow of energy to or from the subconscious. It is obvious that we, as human beings, can do nothing to control these flows that disrupt our lives over time, and not instantaneous.
The truth is that eclipses show our inability to control the forces of nature and therefore they are triggering reflection, questions and philosophical mood.
This #eclipse of the 20th of March 2015 occurs in the North Atlantic and very close to the North pole that the lines of the magnetic field of the Earth are converging. The input of energy on our planet is considered to happen from the North Pole and the North Node of the Moon. Main source of this energy is the Sun. Visible results of the energy input are the Northern Lights. A phenomenon that captivates, not accidentally, our senses ..
We, as beings of the planet, are affected and tune with eclipses along with many other organizations of our planet. The way in which our biological clocks are coordinated with the cycle of the moon is a long-standing and scientifically acceptable. (More in my article "Moon, the New Ascendant of modern Astrology")
It is not necessary to have visual contact with the eclipse to be affected by it! The effects are felt by a mechanism that is product of the evolution of Earth organisms regardless of the position on the surface of our globe .. How and why many beings of Earth have developed a mechanism sensitive to the phases of the moon is a huge knowledge asset that cannot be answered in a few lines. But it is logical to conclude that natural selection led to this solution.
We, as human beings, are a piece of nature in harmony with the environment and thus the Earth, the Moon, as part of the wider environment, and the sun with our planetary system. Any turbulence of this system are felt by people on Earth through a resonance mechanism whose exact mode we do not know yet. The turbulences are fluctuations of the Electromagnetic, gravitational and perhaps a new form of fields that remain to be discovered.
Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac argues that different movements and positions of the planets, the Sun and the Moon bring different qualities to people on Earth. Some phases of the Moon, as the nearest body to Earth, are of particular importance for people. Positions relative to the Sun and Earth, of course! Especially when we have these absolute alignments that we call eclipses things are getting more complexed!
Vasilis kanatas
13 Zodiac Astrologer
Delphi, Greece
#solareclipse   #eclipse   #NewMoon  
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This article is intended to be read by 13 sign Geminis and those with heavy Gemini influence in the chart. 

Mercury, our ruler cast his quick fingers across the Sun yet again the other week with all the shining, remembering embers of dreams cast far and wide, which lingered a-while but ultimately burned out. Mercury courted Venus and now pays what seems an unfair and unjust penalty within Capricorn - and to stay a-while yet.

It's a trying and difficult time for anyone with heavy #Gemini influence in their chart. We yearn for easy communication, and the merry-flow of easy communication, but it isn't happening. Ripped back and down behind the Sun after giving so much to Venus. It somehow doesn't seem fair but without the highs and lows we wouldn't be who we are. Anyway - stations 11 Feb and goes direct soon after. So, no matter.

Look to the future. Venus is passing across Neptune in Aquarius - tune into your dreamier side. After that Venus crosses Mars which will be exciting - and that happens within short days of St Valentine's Day, so the lead up is quite powerful. 

Mercurial-folk should look towards the autumn and summon up strength to be jettisoned across major events in the sign of Leo. When we finally get away from Capricorn the world is looking more super-abundant. 

Dates to watch out for are:

18 March - Mercury crosses Neptune in Aquarius - but hit by the Moon in its descendant (New Moon 20th) so expect to feel challenged - lets just be understated. 

08 April - Mercury crossing Uranus conjunction the Sun. It won't be boring!

22 April - Mercury crossing Mars in Aries. I shudder to think! It's a time to check you are wearing the proper armour and its oiled well enough to see you through the months ahead till August. You wil need to get tough and get focused and lose any ways of thinking that might hold you back or be easily picked upon by others. Integrity and determination are key character-traits here and they are needed - because they will be seriously-needed later. 

19 May - There will be an uneventful phase of Mercury going retrograde in Taurus crossing the Sun but we can skip that. Boring. Seen it all before etc. routine. However, when Mercury draws back across the Sun it hot Mars first on 25th May then Sun on 30th March. This will definitely be very stressful especially when the Sun and Mars go conjunct in Gemini on the 30th March. 

15 July approx - really interesting actually. Mercury crosses Mars with slight overlap of Moon swooping across. Again, just before another New Moon, one day prior in fact. So it's more self-reflection but a very steely-time of seeing what you want and knowing you have been through enough shit to deserve and KNOW how to utilise the better fortune that is soon coming your way.

23 July - Mercury direct across the Sun. Replenished, a hell of a lot wiser - and definitely not messing about anything or anyone getting in our way. 

06 August - Prime Time. As a Mercurial person, this is your 'time' of the year! Mercury crosses Jupiter - but not just that - it happens in the star Regulus which to my way of thinking represents the essence and zenith of Summer. Halkelujah! 
It will be amazing and Venus is also finally going retrograde back past Jupiter so it's a great time to affirm a sense of freedom from attachments generally. Go do something that is important for YOU. The inhibiting factors of December 2014 / January 2015 are completely absent but also somehow 'superseded' if that makes sense you can storm ahead in terms of independent thinking and objective crusades. It's the very best time to plan a holiday this year if you are or have major planets in Gemini. 

19 September - end of the Mercury Honeymoon - you were given basic free-reign since 06 August. That's a gift! Make very good use of it! Your current suffering is preparation for these forthcoming wondrous times - so get the perspective and keep your faith! 

Keep the Mercurial-Faith. 

Life is basically an oscillation - it's called COMMUNICATION!!!!

David McCracken - Leeds, UK - 07/02/15.
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