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Lil Wayne is trending now? Dude, he isn't even partially talented! "Oooooh, I can rhyme to music. I can't play instruments, but I call myself a musician." If you can't actually make music without using a computer program, you are NOT a musician. You're a poser. Lil Jackass is more like it.
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P.S. Shut the fuck up with that YOLO shit. It's fuckin' ghey. Is it that hard to actually say the words? You have to make up a new word because you're so damn lazy?? UGH!
So electronic music isn't real music? Radar, laser and scuba arent real words? Are you too lazy to say "RAdar Detection And Ranging", "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" or "Self Contained Breathing Aparatus"? Damn right you are because there is no point if you can effectively communicate it with less.
Worst part is, he is contributing to it trending :P. Also, +Michael Wentz its actually "Self Contained UNDERWATER Breathing Apparatus," although SCBA is also a [similar] thing. ;)
Wayne is a fresh talented artist
He rhymes to music
He use intelligent Metaphors in his rhymes
His swag is clean and he has his own clothing line
And he plays the Guitar
Don't confuse musician with entertainer.
His swag is clean??? Swag is for children, class is for men. Also, if you're gonna try to make a decent argument, use proper grammar please. There's nothing worse than a rap fan who doesn't know how to speak correctly.
I dislike little wayne's music. That is all I have to contribute to this argument.
Google's trends show the intelligence of this country. At any given time, there's some no-talent hack trending for no good reason... Lil Wayne, Kim Crapdashian, Snookie, Bieber, etc. It's sickening what people consider talent nowadays. As for bitching about grammar, it's the same thing. Stupid-ass children nowadays have to abbreviate everything or make up new words. It's so damn lazy and makes them look so freaking stupid. It's not all I have to bitch about, but at the time, it was the easiest thing to bitch about. I feel sorry for children of this generation if they think that people like Lil Wayne are true talents in the music industry.
jesus, i thought people were taking life to seriously there for a second.
oh wait.......
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