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In case you're wondering, Dima is reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It seems appropriate.
GASP! A jock is reading in his spare time? Surely, this cannot end well! Then again, nothing in this comic ever does.
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Hoya peduncle and flowers by Michael Dahms

#flowers   #colors   #flowerphotography  
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reply. The Ruby gang managed to get a spaceship in Uganda, but not without cost. Now they're going to get their founder back and finish this. This chapter's a bit shorter than the others, and the following text material will likely be the same. This is to get to Chapter 11, the Apex State finale ...
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+Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz​ Hi! Been worried about you. Hope all is ok, my friend. Please email me
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The Brood

Every now and then I get lucky in the backyard, and today is no exception. I was out taking a spin around the yard with the dogs, and while checking my usual parasitic wasp hotspots, I stumbled upon this cluster of Lacewing Fly eggs on a Stephanotis leaf. I thought to myself that this would be a neat shot, since I haven't seen more than 3-4 eggs in a cluster before. Imagine my surprise when I dialed up 2:1 magnification on the MP-E 65mm lens and raised the viewfinder to my eye. There are newly hatched Aphid Lions (or mymphs) on these eggs!!!

So, here it is on what has been a great  #FlydayFriday . #HappyFlydayFriday  everyone!

Very slightly cropped shot at 2:1 magnification with the Canon 7D, MP-E 65mm lens, DIY "Caesar Salad" flash diffuser at 1/2 power, 1/160th, f/14, +1 FEC.

#macro #macrophotography #insects #lacewings  #flies #nature #naturephotography  

#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by  +Chandro Ji +Terrie Gray +Robert Vierthaler +Albert Vuvu Konde

#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau, +Albert Vuvu Konde, +Jean-Pierre Malézieux, +Ruth Hochholdinger and +William Banik

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#macromaniacs for +MacroManiacs and +Sandra Deichmann

#Macro4All  by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen,   +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All)
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Webcomic Review: Starlight Tavern
Starlight Tavern is a enjoyable sci-fi comic strip c reated & Written by Bob Salley and illustrated by  George Acevedo. This hilarious series of strips pokes fun at many archtypes and tropes in the plethora of science fiction  franchises. The Starlight Tave...
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I'm a fearless visual artist.

I live for art and God, but not the cruddy version of either.  I make graphic novels and webcomics.  I am the person behind The Velvet Rasputin project.  I would love to meet you, so please say hello!

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