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New Rasputin Barxotka: The Birds And The Bees, Kinda

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You’re a webcomic creator with an unprofitable, but moderately popular property. In spite of getting a Masters of Fine Arts degree several years ago, you can’t get a minimum wage job because of your supposed lack of a work history. Interviewers snub your…
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Very cool long range projection  (100 Quintillion Yrs) via the BBC +BBC News  #bbc   #future  
As it is the beginning of the year we at BBC Future think it’s the perfect time to look ahead.
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Macro Sunset :)
Here is a beautiful sunset captured with a 100mm macro lens. This one was shot from the southern cliff of Bali. I was trying to post this one last night, but my mobile signal was so weak, did some more editing again a few moment ago, upload it now. Have a wonderful morning everyone, I am preparing to catch, hopefully, a beautiful sunrise in a few hours from now, wish me luck :)
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Rasputin Barxotka - Do Not Kiss The Meanies #webcomic #dailyupdates

Daily updates from here on out. There’s a good reason for this, which will become apparent soon enough.
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Meet the South American Leaf Fish:

Clearly, these little guys just want you to leaf them alone, which is precisely why they have developed such a unique camouflage.

Learn about these amazing creatures, and watch them swallow a prey whole in under a quarter of a second, at:

Image source:
Note: Don't fret too much about the little guys in the image. This photograph comes from China's Council of Agriculture, an organization that is dedicated to environmental education and working towards sustainability. So the fish were likely safely returned to the water shortly after this picture was taken.
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Daytona Beach, Florida
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Vesturhorn, Iceland. Minutes before a winter storm whited out the entire scene. by Eddie Lluisma
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Good night my g+ friends :)
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I'm a fearless visual artist.

I live for art and God, but not the cruddy version of either.  I make graphic novels and webcomics.  I am the person behind The Velvet Rasputin project.  I would love to meet you, so please say hello!

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