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Too cute 
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soo Cute.. 
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read it plzz... 😄😄
Know thine enemy!

The bible asks the question “who is my neighbor” but the question of “Who is my enemy” remains unanswered. This is the reason so many get it wrong. Atheists believe that people of faith are their enemy, black people believe white people are their enemy, Americans believe that Russians are their enemy, car drivers believe that cyclist are their enemy, people believe their government is their enemy and it goes on and on with no real evidence to support such notions. What a load of cobblers!

Bible bashing:
I was rambling through the mental health communities on Google Plus when I came across as comment to a post accusing the poster of being a bible basher because this person believed that her depression was removed by God and she understandably wanted to give him the credit for her recovery and to encourage others to try the very same thing so that they too might benefit only for this commenter to deride her for bible bashing. Just what is bible bashing? Every day I hear people get excited talking about the things they love. Be it family, husband or wife, children, their home, their car, their football team, their golf, their bingo, their clothes, their hair, their pets the environment, endangered species, their job and a thousand other things people just love to talk about with a passion. Yet no one accuses them of golf, football, sport or family bashing just because they have a love for a particular thing and find it hard not to talk about their passion so why treat people of faith any differently. If you truly knew about faith you would know no person can convert another person because faith is a personal belief and not something another person can force on you. Now we know children are brought up to believe the faith of their parents but they have the opportunity as adults to question and believe whatever they choose to. This applies to all human beings, after all atheism is a common belief system too.

Taking sides:
Human beings are complicated they can believe something about faith but not everything, just as science explains things and some people take it for granted without truly being able to explain it to anyone else. Because a person differs from us in their beliefs, their colour of skin, their culture, their clothing or language that in no way makes them our enemy. I drive a car and I cycle daily and I’m always being asked by both sides to take their side but I can’t as I can see things from both sides this is not to say I don’t have my own opinion but it means there is merit on both sides of this divide. This on its own does not make either side enemies. No a person must decide this for themselves. Remember when we label something or someone as our enemy it can and does make us value these less than ourselves. This is what leads to, rudeness, arguments, violence, murder, kidnapping and rape. We dehumanize our enemy so much so as to forget that they too are human beings. There are loads of people I disagree with and loads of train of thought that I found difficult to understand but this does not make these people or ideas my enemy. 

People who make a person or a people their enemy are on a slippery sloop because how on earth do you know that the things you believe are true and right and if it does happen to be true then how come you can’t understand how someone else can feel the very same even when its opposed to the things you believe to be right. Free will is a wonderful gift as long as it’s used wisely. You people in America live with guns all the time, some of you since childhood. But we all know a gun on its own is not our enemy but in the wrong hands it can be. Life and beliefs are very much the same. It’s not the belief that is dangerous but the person that believes it can be. 

Everyone believes in something:
Everyone believes in something and we all differ that to me is what makes mankind so wonderful. It is also true we have bad or evil people who are willing to do bad or evil things to achieve a result that accomplishes their beliefs but thank God most people are not like that. Just as I’m editing this document prior to posting it then it has become clear that the co-pilot of the Germanwings aeroplane (Andreas Lubi) who it is deemed was suffering with a depressive illness and a sight problem has being portrayed as some type of beast and who know, not me that’s for certain. Only that person himself can ever really explain why he did what he did but what happens if people see those of us whom suffer with a mental condition as being potentially dangerous or worse still their enemy. 

Is this going to help with the stigma of living with a mental illness and why report our problems to our doctor if the very fact we suffer with a mental health condition is going to limit everything everyone else takes for granted, free speech, free movement from one country to another, opportunities to education, to work, to marry or have a relationship because many suffers already believe that we suffer enough discrimination without this tragedy adding to the image of people with mental illness. 

It never boils down to people with physical illness being enemies with people who have a mental illness or normal people being enemies of those who have any illness at all. No we are all the same, all any of us wants is to be treated with respect no matter what side of the divide we come from. No one is my enemy unless I make him or her one. So please let us here on the mental health communities who experience discrimination oppression and stigma everyday reach out to each other and show the normal people we are capable of love and arbore hatred/evil or discrimination in whatever form it takes like all decent people.

Finally the bible does say that if they are not against us then they are for us. So fellow citizens of what every country you reside in please treat one another with kindness, compassion and love after all if we can’t empathize with one another how on earth are we ever going to be accepted by the normal community of people. I’m normal but I also have an anxiety disorder and no one is my enemy, so friend show kindness and let’s share all our experiences and knowledge to make this world a place better place to live and help everyone to prosper together. Being aspirational and a dreamer is not a crime it’s just I’m aiming higher than most for the future.
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Bunch of rag tag cave dwelling people defeated Three MOST powerful Empire on earth to date. LOL... Super powers, my ass!
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Sara sm
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