Album Theme: Brilliant Light

A Photographer's Dream - Some of the best lighting conditions I've seen.

These are the moments we live for - right? Brilliant sunbeams cascading across achingly beautiful landscapes. Sunsets that make us stumble over ourselves as we try to set up our cameras before the colors fade. Sunrises that have us spinning is place - trying to catch a photo in every direction at once. That golden hour light that dances across miles of rippling sand. Reflections that change the color of the world from muted greens to shifting magenta and gold. Man - I love those moments.

So, today, I arranged my Wilderness album to that the first 30 images (or so) are photos of alpenglow, or moonlight, or reflections, or sunrises... just because they make me want to grab up my camera and run out to find myself a little patch of wilderness. They make me smile - so maybe they'll get you smiling too.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. Happy December!

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