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Gallery Theme: Water

#Photography #Water #Humanitarianism

The first shot in the series is Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River in Arizona. Fantastic place, isn't it?

Water is such an incredible subject for photographers. I spend a lot of time searching for my next photograph - and water is so incredibly diverse and beautiful. I'm always looking for a way to showcase the simple beauty of water. Sometimes, I use a long shutter speed to blur the flow and show the smooth motion of billions of droplets. Sometimes I use a fast shutter speed to show the amazing patterns in a splash. Sometimes I frame a shot to show the beauty of reflected light on the surface of the water. I even have one shot with a perfectly formed - and completely frozen - droplet hanging from a golden leaf.

To me, water is perfectly beautiful - a source of inspiration. But for many, water is their biggest worry. A child dies from a water-related disease every 20 seconds... that's 180 children every hour. But people are making a difference. A year ago, a child died from a water-related disease every fifteen seconds. Doesn't sound like much of a difference? Well - a year ago, 240 children died from a water-related disease every hour. That's a difference of 1440 children every single day! And there's no reason that trend can't continue. Make a donation at - whatever you can afford... even 5 bucks helps!

I hear so many people saying they want to "make a difference." So, go do it. Make a difference. Go on. Save a child.

(What are you waiting for? Hmmm?) :)
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each one of us can make a huge difference
Maki MA
Amazingly beautiful. I love your works!
supreb...................nice click
This is a great shot. Nice angle that seems to include it all. Beautiful. I grew up out in Colorado and New Mexico.
Fantastic images and informative post/details. Thanks
beautiful pictures,so amazing.................
This is such a phenomenal sighting. Magnificent job with achieving the photo by the way.
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its a nice click....i must say dt
Tha hell is that??? it looks so AWSOME.
im very impressed a lovely talent to how rewarding from edward
James W
I don't think the Colorado river makes it to the ocean anymore. Kind of sad.
I really love your water gallery, I also define myself as water lover
super pics i have never seen such pic what a clarity what a beuty
good fabulous
I have seen a lot of different shots of this same area. But don't know where it is.
It's looking beautifu! WATER IS good? My kids don't swim in bad water if it's not allow in the post. POSION!
Some truly awsome pics well done and thank you.
I just had to make a donation. The statistics are staggering and the work has a long way to go. Save the kids.
Its a beautiful place ive ever seen since i was alittle kid,i wish that i will see that place in person or in reality,not just by the pics...hehehe
Water is also one of the best artist!
... cannot wait to be able to go and see the grand canyon.. awesome
Wow, it is difficult to capture the raw emotion in photography, but many of these do just that. Makes me feel as if I"m there, experiencing it in person. AWESOME!
i shoot like this with my camera phone.
+B Lloyd - That's fantastic! You are a wonderful person!
+Jasvardan Singh Sethi - It sure is! It's a beautiful place, isn't it? Aren't we lucky to be able to call it home?
Oh My God that is beautiful! I really want to go to all of those places!
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Thank you, +Bill Gelwick. I try hard to find the emotion in each scene I photograph. Thanks for noticing! ;)
+Robert Dickinson - This is Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River, Arizona. It's a breathtaking spot. Well worth a visit if you can get there! Just don't fall! I think the drop is 1400 feet to the river below. Yikes!
Please take some snaps of goosenecks state park in Utah. Similar to horseshoe bend but Colorado river takes 2 or 3 turns there. Your snaps in G+ will attract people to this natural beauty. Now I want to visit Page, AZ again :)
i couldnt really believe these r natural pics taken... excellent
Wow - I want to thank all those who have shared this post - and those who have left such amazingly kind comments for me. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for your kindness. And thank you for making me smile.
Those are the most beutiful sites I have ever seen...
i've been there!!!! it's awesome to drive to the top of the rock, lean over, and stare down on it
Great pics!!! Im at work and feel like I just went on a nice vacation thank you.
Marvelous I wish I could make that my wallpaper. But they both are stunning.
That is an inspiring image Varina. I love the composition and lighting. Great work. 
The photos are so peaceful and soothing to the eyes! Very beautiful!
out of this world, gorgeous.
Well, you got 206 enthusiastic comments that speak volumes, here is 207! Very Good work!
The water is source of life and when you look at flow water you can see how the life is going too fast.and as u said everyday too many children or people died because of water but you know it's not water fault its humans faults
John Carter was there :O
just amazing, WOW! Our earth sure has beauty in all corners ♥
That's beautiful! Just think that God was responsible for creating this! How great is our God!
That is awesome Varina...I love the water myself and am constantly looking for great water photos n yours is one of the really wonderful ones that I have seen
Wow, you take amazing photos! thank you for sharing, I enjoyed every sing one!
only HDR magic... however it doesnt look as cheesy as most HDR photos...
OMG sick beyond words great pic u r really good LOL!!!!!!!
so beautiful ,send me plz.thank u dear
ya very nice!!! add me pls!!
It´s shots like these that make me want to be a (good) photographer!!
Wow, your photography is stunning! A real cut above most landscape photography I've seen. Very nice!
Wow... that's beautiful!!!! :)
very true that is amazingly beautiful
This is first time I've viewed collection of photographs and wanted them ALL! Absolutely stunning photography!
beautifull but i am not understand it's natural or artificial
How do you people find these awesome photo spots?
Excellent photos & thanks !
Thank you all so much! What an incredible outpouring of kindness!
I think your pics are wonderful. Keep the blessing God gave you going.
ur truely talented.... love it <3
its really amazing photographs i think you are doing this work with your heart and deeply intrest, keep it up god bless u
craftwork team
Wwwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........!!!!!!!!!!! Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa thats awesome
There is only one word...

Beautiful....:) lyk it
Perfection... won't change a thing!
Fantastic. Wish I could be there.
Our earth is so beautiful, why in Gods name do we have to destroy it ????
tia tio
good job! Amazing! :D
such beauty nature can provide its just more than wow
Wow! Epic shot ... the fact that the Colorado, the mightiest river in the American west, doesn't even make it to the sea anymore, however, makes me very very sad.
Was it sunrise or sunset? I guess sunset, though at first glance I assumed sunrise. It takes an incredible amount of patience to make an image as beautiful as this. Good work!
+Rich Goudeau - It's sunset. :) I set up my camera, and then waited for the sun to peak out through the storm clouds. When it did, I snapped the shot. I wanted that flare. ;)
vvvvvvveeeerrrrryyyyyy nnnnnniiiiiicccceeeeee
wow!! all the photos are great but this one is absolutely wonderful
lovly...n nice..vry vry vry amazing....,
+Varina Patel Thanks for the reply. I'm a tv news videographer with lots of patience but often little time. Deadlines come crashing in like big waves ( 2 sets 5 & 6pm :-) I appreciate your hard work. Beautiful images! 
Very great shot. The horseshoe bend is a great location.
Je trouve que vous avez des yeux qui aiment regarder le monde avec poesie.
Mourad Gheziel
Are you related to Hemali Patel ecta Patel or neeral patel
ur pictures are soo great. Can u email me how you did it.
we live in peacce, by the grace of the peace lording. there is someone who we never see. what a world of peace.
we live in peacce, by the grace of the peace lording. there is someone who we never see. what a world of peace.
look at how majestic it looks!!
beautiful and amazing pictures!!! thank you for showing them :-)
i have to say that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So pretty it is nothing like i ever seen before
Inspiring!!! wonder how long you had to wait for this shot.
WOW girl that is really cool luv the view
Varina, at frist l thought you were good at selecting background 4 your shots, l did'nt know you are such a passionate Humaniterian. l admired your good Heart. God Bless You.
That was not taken in Colorado, but in Utah (I know...semantics, but I'm from the area and used to help with a LOT of photographers and movie directors). LOVE that photo, btw....the play of the sunlight all over the curves turned out gorgeous!!!
wow that is... just wow so awesome and an amazing view
Jim H
Thank you for sharing...breathless.
Thanks, +Luka Manjang. :) I believe that each of us should do what we can. No matter how small. Simple as that. :)

+Rachel Martin - Actually, it's Arizona - as I said in my comments at the beginning. It's the Colorado River though - which runs through Arizona. :)
Absolutely beautiful...
Are you certain? It looks very much like the goosenecks on the San Juan river in Arizona, just north of Mexican Hat.
u cant differancite nature.sun .water.sand.but wind just u can feel.
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