Ain't She Sweet?

Do you ever photograph wildlife in your back yard? Share your tips and experiences so others can learn!

This beautiful baby spent much of the summer eating flowers and plants in our wooded back yard. She was born late this year, so she's still small - but she's full of life and so much fun to watch. She wanders the neighborhood with three pretty little cousins and her mother. They've eaten half my flowers. But who's complaining! The kids love having her around, and I have plenty of flowers to share.

I waited to take this shot until the fawn was mostly in shade for even lighting. Shooting on an overcast day is also great for even lighting - but the wildlife doesn't always cooperate! :) A fast shutter speed kept her nice as sharp as she moved. I also wanted to be sure the capture the catch-light in her eye, and to get her in a pleasant pose. I got a few shots of her looking right at me with her mouth wide open as she chews... but that's not quite what I was going for! ;)

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