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Ain't She Sweet?

Do you ever photograph wildlife in your back yard? Share your tips and experiences so others can learn!

This beautiful baby spent much of the summer eating flowers and plants in our wooded back yard. She was born late this year, so she's still small - but she's full of life and so much fun to watch. She wanders the neighborhood with three pretty little cousins and her mother. They've eaten half my flowers. But who's complaining! The kids love having her around, and I have plenty of flowers to share.

I waited to take this shot until the fawn was mostly in shade for even lighting. Shooting on an overcast day is also great for even lighting - but the wildlife doesn't always cooperate! :) A fast shutter speed kept her nice as sharp as she moved. I also wanted to be sure the capture the catch-light in her eye, and to get her in a pleasant pose. I got a few shots of her looking right at me with her mouth wide open as she chews... but that's not quite what I was going for! ;)

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I was going to ask the same question as +Vinod Krishnamoorthy, as the focal length isn't listed in the EXIF, nor are the settings. We have plenty of deer here, but I can never get close enough and fast enough to get a great shot like this.
I have been lucky enough to video tape and take photograph of deer, groundhogs and different types of birds in my backyard using just my  Android phone. Maybe the Samsung Galaxy might let me take better pictures.
My only tip is food :-) We put out corn for the deer but they usually come at night so I it's harder to get a shot. Lately we've had 5 that have been coming together. 
Also stale bread or leftovers from supper for the fox and opossum. 
+Sharon Strandskov and +Vinod Krishnamoorthy - I used a 70-200mm lens with a 1.4x multiplier on my 7D. The chose the crop factor camera because it gave me a bit more length on my lens. It's a great combination!

+Melody Migas - I guess we have enough delicious plants in our yard that the deer don't need any other incentive to hang out here. :) I've never fed them anything. They just show up. In fact, I was pulling weeds from my garden the other day, and four fawns showed up and started eating them as I tossed them aside! Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw four little beauties standing just a meter or two away! They weren't intimidated by me in the least!
Beautiful shot and the story with it makes it more appealing.
lol....I AM the wild life in my backyard. 
She's so pretty.  Would love to see the straight shot while chewing.
You are too funny, +Sherry Heitmeyer! I'm sorry - I deleted the open-mouth shot. :) I rarely keep extra files - too much wasted space on my hard drive - and it really wasn't much to look at.
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