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is in full swing, all rewards will be recorded in our computer, tracked for you and will alert you when you get to that reward.
So if you still have stamps cards please get them redeemed by the 15th so you don't lose your reward.
Visit store for details on the new program!
See Ya Soon!

We are proud to announce that the Artist Collection has joined our incredible lines of juices! They will arrive next Wednesday! stop by and give them a shot!
See Ya Soon!

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2 days til our Valentines giveaway! Cyclops vapor full line 35ml!!
The chance to win this incredible giveaway is simple..
1) visit the store
2) fill out entry form
3) drop the entry form in the bowl
Thats it! How simple is that?!
See Ya Soon!

Hey guys!!
Quick give away this weekend only!
Rules are as follows:
1) visit the store
2) check in on Facebook
3) fill out an entry form while you are in the store
4) Ill give away a Kanger sub ohm Tank!! to ONE lucky winner
Drawing will be held at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening, you don't have to be present to win, I'll call you!

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Pick of the week...
Blue Magics Red Airhead!
15ml bottle for just $ 8.99
Don't miss out on this one!!
See Ya Soon!

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Blue Magic E-Juice 15ml bottle for $ 11.99
If you have had your magic in a little while...well.. today is the day to re-visit these awesome flavors!
See Ya Soon??

New sale for the month of November we have BFU Juice made right here in Owasso, 30ml bottle for 14.99 If you haven't tried this juice you are missing out! Stop by today and give it a shot. What's on your wick?

Hey guys! We gotta a lot of new stuff in over the last few weeks ☺ ya'll should come check us out!! Our newest juice line is Pin-up's juice, and finally we have the last of kings crown is in! Bound by the crown...what's on your wick!?

Have ya'll heard the rave about Pin-up vapes!? Well let me tell ya...It is way better than what everybody describes!! We are lucky enough to have it in store now!! Hmm....what's on your wick! ?

Got some new stuff in...☺ Have ya'll tried the 18650 stingrayX...?? Omg! Wow what an awesome mod!! Also want to introduce our newest line...Revolution vapor with some amazing flavors like watermelon, bubble gum, and gummies to name a few....what's on your wick!?
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