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Meet the Real TwoGunz an Interview of Matt & Lori Zimmerman some of the most compassionate and generous members of the vape community this magazine has ever had the pleasure of meeting. #premiumejuice   #premiumejuices   #ejuice   #ejuices   #premiumeliquid   #premiumeliquids   #eliquid   #eliquids  
An Interview of Matt & Lori Zimmerman of Two Gunz Premium E-Juice from Cherry Hill, New Jersey Interview by VAPE Two Gunz Premium E-Juice producers of top quality Premium e Juice. How to reach Two Gunz Premium E-Juice Two Gunz Premium E-Juice Facebook Instagram Do...
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‪#‎vapeshops‬ sellers of ‪#‎ejuice‬, ‪#‎eliquid‬, ‪#‎smokejuice‬ and ‪#‎ecigarettes‬ have a vital role in the vaping industry and need to answer the call for change. There is an impression given off by the industry and it is not winning this war for vaping freedom. ‪#‎vapemagazine‬,@vapemagazinecom
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Was asked to take a survey with and thought I would post my ending comments here: 

Having lost both my parents, grand parents, cousins and uncles to tobacco related causes, my life and the lives of my 4 children should have been completely different today.  Our lives and holidays should have be filled with loving family members and new memories.  Due to the greed of big tobacco and our Government for not making tobacco related products prescription only for the then current smokers as of 1998 tobacco trials, we have allowed yet another generation of smokers to begin the end of their lives. This is because no new smokers should have resulted as of the 1998 tobacco trials with a prescription only plan in place.  All current smokers would have continued to get the cigarettes they require and would now be moving to the world recommended e-cigarettes as of 2007.  When the world finds cures for epidemics they make front page news and the world rallies to the call to action to begin saving lives a short time later.  Here we are 8 years after the discovery of e-cigarettes and all we are seeing is greedy tobacco related groups trying to destroy the cure.  History will look on this as one of the greatest tragic periods in human history; when man was unable to put human lives before financial gains.  Let us all speak aloud the names of all those responsible, so their names will be forever etched and burned in history for their shame.  Please Read:
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Expanding the Vaping industry in order to save lives.
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