New rental vehicle additions for 2012

The last couple of years in the commercial vehicle rental sector have not been easy, with customers going to the wall, suppliers going to the wall and the Country.., well you know where this is going. We are pleased to announce at least we are not going to the wall, for the time being anyway.

We are also happy to say that the rental fleet will be expanding later this month with a few major changes.

Firstly we have done a deal with Ford on a new batch of Ford Transit LWB vans. All of these Models are the 3 tonne gross full high versions. We find that our typical house mover customer needs this bit of additional height. These new units are a bit of a departure for us as they are front wheel drive. In modern rental vehicles this is actually a bit of a benefit. Firstly the floor in this vans is lower to the ground because of there being no differential at the rear. Also there is a weight saving element to this, this results in slightly better fuel economy than our rear wheel drive options. In recent years we get a lot of feedback on fuel economy, with diesel running currently at around €1.55 per litre, this is no surprise. We have made additional weight saving measure with light internal panelling on the new vans and active monitoring of vehicles tyre pressures prior to rental. Believe it or not, running tyres at low or incorrect pressure can have a large bearing on the fuel efficiency of vans. All these new vans feature Euro 5 specifiaction engines and six speed transmissions. Two quick things, these are all LWB models and feature high roofs. We are not offering smaller options and these will now replace the existing High-roof large van units.

We are also happy to announce our continued relationship with Mercedes commercial vehicles. A new lineup of Sprinter Box trucks is now in production for us and we hope to take delivery sometime in March. Traditionally in this product category we had always run Isuzu and Mitsubishi vehicles. The Mercedes option came out of two requirements, firstly weight. This is a huge issue in terms of fuel economy and legal payload for customers. The Mercedes is almost 400kgs lighter than the Isuzu or Mitsubishi chassis. This enables us to offer a full 14ft load length for our customers. The second criteria was reliability, the current fleet of Sprinter vans we operate has been almost flawless and this make both ours and customers lives a lot easier. The Sprinters also feature class leading fuel economy and playload capacity. we will still offer Mitsubishi and Izusu option for tipper truck rental and also for any flatbed truck requirements.

We hope to see these rental vans and trucks in operation around Dublin soon.
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