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#socialresponsibility with you #iPad and other tech gadgets. Ask companies to support Dodd-Frank Act but also support conflict-free mining in the Congo... It will take some time but if our lives are better with tech, we should attempt to improve lives around the world also.
The rich mineral mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo supply valuable minerals to the tech industry, but they come at a deadly cost that is finally being faced.
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Vania Benavides

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Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology in the past year - #3d #image from Seene App plus #google and #facebook  
Computer vision and machine learning technology advances in the last year   
+FS Studio's software team is obsessed with all things #computervision   and more importantly its applications in mobile devices and the real world. Exciting advances have been happening over the last year with various companies utilizing Computer Vision and machine learning to develop technologies that enrich and enhance the user experience on tablet and mobile devices. Some of the new algorithms being developed to further progress computer vision capabilities are #machinelearning   , computational photography, pattern recognition, image processing, #3dimaging   , and 3D sensors. We would like to highlight a few examples over the last year of well known and not so well known companies that are delivering innovative solutions using computer vision programming technologies   #google   #facebook    technology-advances-in-the-last-year/
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#wearables integrates software, hardware #machinelearning, and cloud technologies, +FS Studio breaks it down
Wearable Device Software App Development – Wearable Computing Android / Iphone   

Here is +FS Studio 's latest blog post about wearable device technologies.  
+Google  and other major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung (who already beat Google in launching their wearable sdk) are making cool wearable computing devices. As an example Google is launching in early summer the Android body wear software development kit (SDK) and the latest application programming interfaces (API) versions.
Some of the cool new features include support voice commands, display data from sensors, the ability to create custom card layouts, and the ability to sync data between wearables and smart phones. Smart watches allow Google the ability to capture an entirely new layer of metadata, important for #semanticsearch   and Google Now, with which the smart watch will be closely integrated.  

A special thanks to +David Amerland who gave us some inspiration into this post.     #wearablecomputing   #wearabledevices   +Tim Martin 
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I thinks google #drive has needed this for a while add-ons to help you when creating docs or spreadsheets from drive. Since we use it all the time, thesaurus and charts add ons are going to help a ton
Since 2010, Google Apps for Enterprise has offered third-party app integration, and on Tuesday Google finally rolled out a similar add-ons store for the rest of us.  The basic premise of Drive's new offering is that third-party services can create add-ons that add extra functionality to Google's web-based word processing (Docs) and spreadsheet (Sheets) apps.  Microsoft launched its own Apps for Office program in 2013, and some third-parties, such...
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Thx. +Andrew Broadbent for sharing this with me :-) It's awesome! #eagle #hunter #girls  
A photographer seeking to document the next generation of Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia discovered a 13-year-old girl who has taken to the male-dominated tradition. [...]
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i agree totally
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Check out this video on YouTube: data helps retailers stock up #bigdata
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easy way to remember when to use who or whom: #contentmarketing
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I just keep wondering WHY? Cheeseburger sushi? Too much trouble, it's like something you would tell kids to get them to eat sushi. "This is different, kids, it'll taste like cheeseburger." Interesting but it didn't seem like he liked it too much
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this is hilarious!  
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50 #taxbreaks expired at the end of last year, is it more feasible to use tax software or to consult with an #accountant?
Why You Need An Accountant Instead Of Online Tax Software 

Interesting blog post by +Scott Aber  who analyze's the pros and cons of using tax software versus an accountant when filing your tax return this year.   You may consider yourself a very savvy taxpayer with the all the smarts to navigate taxes and further financial planning.   This doesn’t mean you should be filing your own taxes.  For example, did you know that over 50 tax breaks expired at the end of last year?     #taxsoftware   #accountant  
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#entrepreneur, #marketer, lover of #arts, #justice, #animals
Vab Media, a web consultancy for businesses.  We help businesses acquire brand recognition and sales on the web via social media, search engine marketing strategies, and multi-media.
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Our #SEO services encompass all facets of #digitalmarketing and we take a well rounded approach to creating content strategies for our clients. Our clients continuously see a positive #ROI
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