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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Digital and Content Marketer at Exit Bee | Founder at Contensify
Digital and Content Marketer at Exit Bee | Founder at Contensify


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Sending your kid to a fun summer camp?

Don't forget to pack these 10 things!

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Everything you have ever known about content marketing, is wrong.

Don't jump. Hear me out!

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Working on another great idea with some amazing people!

Check out the +Geenees wishlisting app today and get your exclusive invite. :)

#giftingapp #wishlistingapp #wishlist #startups

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So you’ve built this great app and published it on Google Play or Apple App Store. You have a website, a microsite or a landing page associated with the app.

The main purpose of these pages is to describe and promote the app outside of app stores. We believe, those pages should also drive app installs!

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When email marketing is still relevant, it is time to do it right!

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Do you run a small business or know someone who does?

Share this article on why they should start using social media to grow their business, right away!

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See how +Exit Bee helped recover 40% of their abandoned carts and boost their email subscriptions by 2,500%.

No kidding!

#ecommerce #ecommercemarketing #growthhacking #B2C

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In my very first post, I shared exactly why I started a blog and why I think you should too.

But it isn’t as simple as purchasing a domain and publishing a few content pieces every now and then.

If you really want it to work for you, you need to remain consistent at it.; a.k.a., you absolutely need to have a routine for your blog as well!

#blogging #branding #personalbranding

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In a competitive industry, it is very important to make sure your digital assets are well optimized. And no, I don't just mean having various social media profiles.

Here's why I have a blog and think that you should too!

#blogging #branding #personalbranding #personalgrowth
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