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Vangelis Feleris
"For what we see is what we are."
"For what we see is what we are."

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Camera → Canon 5D Mark II
Lens → Canon EF 17-40mm
Filter → Singh Ray 3 Stop GND

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Sutro Swoosh
I definitely had a lot of trouble working the colors on this one. There was so much light and orange that night, I had a challenge getting rid of the muddy look. I am definitely pretty happy with how it ended up though. Especially the way the flow plays with the clouds.
This was taken at Sutro Baths back in December with Michael. Enjoy!

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Low visibility

The other day I revisited my favorite "Mediterranean Sky" shipwreck after a long time.
Strong winds had drifted dust all the way from Africa to Greece and visibility was really low, so I thought that this might give a new perspective to this already well known to me place.
Well, it was not exactly as I was hoping to be, but it was quite different from the typical Greek weather, so finally I got a few photos that I'm pleased with...

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Special Ansel Adams Gallery Print Sale

I’m pleased to announce that once again The Ansel Adams Gallery is sponsoring a special print sale of two of my photographs, at 25% off the normal price. The two images we selected for this offer are Orchard With Sunbeams and Fog, Sacramento Valley, California (shown here), and Moon Rising Above the Valley, Yosemite National Park. These two photographs have never been exhibited at a gallery or sold before, although, as many of you know, both of these images were voted by my readers to be included in my best images of 2014, and the Orchard With Sunbeams and Fog photograph was the top vote-getter.

See my latest blog post to find out more about this print offer:

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I recently sat down with the guys from Improve Photography and had a chat about my astrophotography and the type of equipment and techniques I use. You can have a listen to the complete podcast from the link above.

If you like what you hear, then feel free to share!

Want to know more? Follow me here:

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"Vermillion Veins"

Incredible otherworldly sandstone formations in a very remote area of northern Arizona, at morning twilight. 

I've been wanting to get out here for years, having been inspired by others' images of this seemingly alien landscape. There are many locations in the American southwest where taffy- or candy-like formations can be found, but I still haven't seen anything that compares to the combination of sharp folds and color contrasts of this particular geologic marvel, so adeptly showcasing the forces of time.

Although it was a great time coming out here with my friends Joe and Scotty, crushing the notoriously rough 4x4 roads with ease in our monster of a vehicle, we arrived with only an hour to scout before sunset, and only stayed one night. Therefore, without much time to find something 100% unique, I chose to shoot the formations that interested me most, despite knowing they'd been photographed before. Additionally, with nary a cloud in the sky, I wanted to focus on areas that had an abundance of visual interest in the land portion, which would be complemented well by featureless or starry blue skies. Hopefully my interpretation is able to stand on its own. I know I'll be back here again, as the photographic possibilities are endless.

--- 2015 Eastern Sierras, Death Valley, and Mono Lake Tour with Ted Gore Photography: -

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Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park (Italy)
A breathtaking view of a the lake near the Locatelli housing. 
I used my brand new Canon 6D with Canon 16-35mm f/4 L
One shot post produced within Photoshop + Color Efex 4 and Exposure 6

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Rifugio Locatelli at Sunrise - Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park (Italy)
A Locatelli housing view from the valley of National Park at sunrise. A beautiful experience in one of the most amazing places in the world.
I used my brand new Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm f/4 L USM.
One shot post produced within Photoshop + Color Efex 4 +Nik Collection by Google  by Google and Exposure 6 +Alien Skin Software #canonusers #LandscapePhotography   #landscape #canon6d #alienskinexposure6 #niksoftwarecollection  

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The Deviation

See it in my latest works gallery:

Reminder 40% off holiday sale on select gallery wrap prints, it's not too late to grab a last minute gift!:


Pacific City continues it's long rap sheet of it's sole mission of destroying my phone whenever I visit. 

The sandstone cliffs of Cape Kiwanda are a great place to watch the waves. This particular morning I was out with a workshop student. The swell was about 8 ft. For those familiar with this location, typically a swell under 12 feet is not going to produce the desired effect of the water retreating to the sea and leading the eye into the scene.

I have been to this location nearing a dozen times. The swells crash against the bowl at the bottom and the waves climb up the sides and drain back down. In conditions on this day, one could expect, at the very best, a wave that splashes half way up the bowl. Nothing too grand or exciting. 

But weirdly, a wave caught the cliff just right. It sent a monster splash that sent hundreds of gallons North over the cape. It reached and cleared the very top where it's usually safe to stand. A sheer wall of water and terror. I was fortunate from this vantage to be just out of the waves path, and quickly shot the water retreating as I realized it would be the only opportunity that the water would reach that height. Even in inclement storm conditions I have photographed this place and not seen such a wave. The difference from this day and storm waves: when you photograph a place like this in a storm, you expect and prepare for the risks associated. I have been soaked to my core at this place and lost a lens and phone. 

This was Pacific City's way of greeting me. A very unusually large wave that was clearly attempted phone murder. If i was standing in my usual spot, it woulda been history. I can't help but see a pattern. When you see a picture like this, imagine how the water got there in the first place. It's safe to say it's 99% salt water and 1% photographers pee.

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