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So I think I got everyone ... introducing the beginnings of my "People who are interested in building small businesses and Web marketing" circle! Thanks to everyone who suggested their faves to me yesterday — keep them coming.

I'd also love to hear what we can do to get the conversation started: Hangouts with experts, tip of the week, interesting articles? What kind of information are you interested in sharing/getting?

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I'm interested in that. I just started my own freelance company.
Thanks for posting this +Vanessa Schneider . I am more than willing to help my fellow Google+'ers in any way that I can. My expertise lies in building technology products, leadership, and employee situations. I'm most interested in learning from others about their experiences starting a new company including entity formation, funding, legal issues, etc.

I post regularly about my current experiences and am willing to aid anybody else with the same types of issues.
I'd love to be added!! I teach small business and online marketing at UC Berkeley Extension and coach a variety of clients in this -- and I ALWAYS love to explore, share and learn new ideas :)
Thanks Vanessa for including me in your circle.
Thanks for thinking of me, +Vanessa Schneider! Like +Terrence Lui, I'm happy to help my fellow Google+'ers however I'm able.

I'm a project manager for game-changers. Anything I can do to make things easier for someone else sounds like a good time to me. :)
Thank you for starting this. I'm a small business owner and I'm always looking for ways to connect with other business owners and networking.
Things are taking shape, +Vanessa Schneider, great!
As for the method, sharing articles and tips are a good start. For Hangout, we must be careful about the language because English is not the mother tongue of everyone. I've done a few Hangouts with +John Mueller on webmastering in English but he's doing some in German too. Then, those Hanhout were not themed, so the questions went in all directions. I believe it would work better with a specific subject illustrated by a (very) short doc or pres to concentrate the discussion.
Care too that the time in the day it happens is right for everyone, Europe including. Thx
A quando la traduzione dei commenti? :-)
hi +Vanessa Schneider ... just stumbled over your shared circle and thought, what a marvelous coincidence! ... i'm in the advanced planning stages of starting a business with hangouts and i'm sure your initiative will have loads of benefits for me ... great idea! ...

if you ever do an update of this circle, i wouldn't mind being included ...
Thanks +Vanessa Schneider
I would agree with +François Bacconnet in his suggestions. Have a topic for articles. Like how do you use SEO for export for instance.
Also, I perso never have tried hangouts so how about doing a 'discover hangouts' kind of project where members of this circle can get to learn how to use/test/experience G+ to its full potential, get the feedback via a quick questionnaire like it is done with Adwords and take it from there. Made by and for the users kinda concept...
Hangouts with content/topic experts; Marketing, finance, hiring, etc. We each have a product or service offering, just participating will provide practical experience in using G+ in our own effort. Thanks for including me.
+Vanessa Schneider I'd love to be added to this circle. Good to be in a group of small business people to exchange ideas and network.
+Vanessa Schneider :: Would love to be added to this circle as well - thanks for the awesome share! G+ Is starting to take shape!
+Vanessa Schneider I would love to be included here. My focus is baby boomers and senior thought leaders who've got significant IP they've developed but still don't fully get the paradigm shift with SM and virtual meetings and need some support for making the transition to the "new world."
Cool, hope can be added into this circle !
looks like the updated circle is going to be 1.000 people strong ... :D ... this shows, what a demand there was (is) for your circle +Vanessa Schneider ... consider yourself commended for the share ... ;-) ...

i also find the fact exiting, that so many people seem to find google+ beneficial for their small businesses, be it as a promotional tool for enterprises located elsewhere or businesses executed right here at G+ ...

with its social network google provides us with all the tools we need to set up any kind of business that exists in the real world ... hangouts allow us to interact with our clientele as good as we could in shops or offices, as well as allowing us to hold regular meetings with employees who might be 1.000s of km away from headquarters ... product seminars, sales training, all at our fingertips ... we can move paper work around with ease, only that it's not paper work anymore ... documents, spread sheets and statistics are only a click away ...

all this should create nice profits, but small businesses are not only about making money ... we will be an enrichment to the community with services, that are offered nowhere else in that way ... the possibilities are endless ... let's exploit them all ... good luck and success to all of you (and me) ... ;-) ...
Vanessa......Do you have space to add me to your circle too? Much appreciated......
Would love to be added to this circle!
Thanks a million for including me in this circle, Vanessa. Looking forward to learning lots together!

And, speaking of "building small businesses and Web marketing," I'm wondering who in this circle has already posted a Biz Page here on G+. Mine's and I'd love for you to add that page to your circles, too.
you seem to be one of the cantor of thinking innovation. hope to join into this circle ? anyway, thanx a milion for sharing your circle. with best wishes!
Great idea Vanessa! I would love to be added to this circle!
nice one +Vanessa Schneider! ... if you ever do an updated version i'd like to be added ... i thought i had requested that already, but it must have been another circle ... ;-) ... there are so many interesting shared circles nowadays, that one easily looses track ... i recently started +Cool Language Classes and would be very interested in interacting with other business owners here on G+ ...

in terms of what would you be interested in sharing/getting? i'd very much like to discuss methods of promoting small businesses here on G+ ... as we discussed on +Dan McDermott's google plus week show a couple of weeks ago, google gives us new business owners almost no tools to get out the message ... to let people know we are here, we depend very much on word of mouth and very little else ...

update: just went through the comments and realised that it was this circle i applied to ... ;-) ... i wonder how far you are with an updated version +Vanessa Schneider and what has come out of this wonderful effort of yours? ... has there been any interaction i'm not aware off? ...
Hi Vanessa, Thank you for sharing your contacts! As I have similar interests with the group, you would do me a great pleasure when you would like to include me with the group's next update. Thanks!
thx for the heads up +Vanessa Schneider ... due to your questions in the post i was under the impression, that it was intended to do some group activity ... sorry, i got the wrong end of the stick ... never mind ... ;-) ...

nevertheless, when (if) you do an updated version of this circle i'd very much like to be included ... it would be nice to have lots of posting activity with the other individuals of the circle too ... ;-) ...

keep up the good work ...
Hi Vanessa, I am very interested in building small business through Internet Marketing and would appreciate an invite. Thanks!
Hello +Vanessa Schneider , I am fairly new to Google+ and just found your business leadership circle...Thank you for posting this great list! Throughout the year, I will be posting several articles and videos related to controlling costs during as a small business grows. I think the content will be valuable to small business owners and I would appreciate being included in this circle. Thank you! :)
Please add. Looks like a good group.
Vasu M
please add me to this circle
Hey could you please add me to the circle as i would like to etwrok with others and learn more about marketing on the web as im currently working on a new website which i hope to launch in the next few months..cheers
Great circle! I'd be interested in joining, as I run several web site for my small business.
Hi +Vanessa Schneider Please add me to this circle! My company designs websites, writes web content and social media campaigns for small business owners. I also teach social media seminars and am building an online community for students through Google+. Thanks for doing this!
Hi Vanessa,

This seems to be a pretty popular shared circle. I'd appreciate it if you could include +SearchKings. We're a certified Google Adwords partner, and specialize in working with small businesses. Thanks!
Hello +Vanessa Schneider, thanks for sharing this circle, and I'd love to be included in the next round. I'm a freelance consultant, graphic designer, workshop presenter and public speaker. My upcoming, local to my area workshops include Introduction to Google+ and From Who? to Wow!: An Introduction to Creating Your Brand Identity. I plan to give future workshops via G+ Hangouts, and offer low cost consulting via Hangouts as an alternative to my regular priced one-on-one, on location consulting fees.
Wow, that's a great deal of comments! Allow me to join the que please! I too would like to join your circle please?
Hi +Vanessa Schneider, great circle! Please add me to the next round, I will add myself when sharing. I'd love to have regular hangouts where we discuss how to use the tools and resources of Google+ effectively to increase our business opportunities, to do biz to biz networking, and to brainstorm ideas on ways to use hangouts to generate income.
Hello Vanessa from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm an Online Marketing Consultant helping small businesses in the Lowcountry. Would love to be added to your circle. Thanks.
I'd welcome being included. I'm also a certified google Adwords partner and always keen to discuss how small businesses can do their bit to keep up with the big brands. Here's my site :
Dang...reached m daily limit...I guess I will have to come back tomorrow and add this circle.
This circle needs someone from East Central Indiana in it!  Our firm, Brick Road Media, specializes in small business, local marketing.
Add me, +Vanessa Schneider Authentic, permission based marketing is so important in an age when everyone and everything is trying to push stuff at us....
Hey there +Vanessa Schneider ....great list! I am an organic social media marketer. I wold love o be on this list if there is room and if my expertise applies.
+Vanessa Schneider Very nice circle share.  I've added you to my creative thinkers circle and would love it if you wouldn't mind adding me to any of yours.  Thanks so much and look forward to joining in the discussion with you.
We'll be doing a lot of posts/info and connecting around small business marketing on the +SAIL by VeriFone Google+ page! 
Wow, what an awesome share +Vanessa Schneider  - thank you! If you wouldn't mind, could you add me to your circles? I fit best in any of these: Internet Marketers, Entrepreneur, CEO, Authors, Marketing or Technology. Thanks again! 
Add me to the Circle I run my own firm Freaks Network
Hi +Vanessa Schneider, thanks for curating this fine circle! Would you please consider adding me to it? I own a small business, and love web marketing.
I've been looking for people to circle and found this a great collection of people +Vanessa Schneider thanks for putting it together. Would you mind adding me to the mix? Thank you. 
Hi Vanessa Schneider,

Thanks for sharing +Vanessa Schneider . It will be wonderful to be included here. Can you add me to this circle?

Hi Vanessa - I own a women's only social networking site, which is a small business and relies on web marketing for growth. Learning and engaging with this group would be terrific. Hope I can be added to the circle. Thank you!
I would love to be added please. I own a small web design company dealing almost entirely with small businesses who need to do well on the internet but who don't have the money for SEO companies.

I would be interested in tips of the week, articles or videos.
Hi Everyone, I am the owner/founder of a new small business marketing agency, but I've been in small business development and startups for over 20 years now. I'd love to participate and interact with you guys.
Welcome, Neil! We're in the same arena so I added you to my circles :)
Can you add me to the circle? 
Portuguese small Business owner!
Awesome circle!  Some great folks in here.  I'd love to be added as a digital marketing agency.
Hey thanks for this I am very interested in this circle too and connecting with like minded people- please add me :)
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