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*Starting a new journey today!* 

I've joined the amazing Google Earth Outreach team as geo media program manager. I'll be working with media professionals using +Google Maps and +Google Earth to tell their stories. It joins two of my loves: newsrooms and geo! 

But don't worry, business owners, you're in good hands with +Jade Wang, who now will be managing the Google and Your Business forum ( Drop her a line on Google+!
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No doubt far far more interesting compared to boring business listings ;)
Hope you're having a great first day on the new team! :)
Cong radulations.  I do a lot of programming and computer work for non-profits.  Who do I contact about what help is available?

Would be a fantastic thing for you to do a write up and/or a broadcast about what is available and what is necessary for an organization to make use of this service(s).  Can an organization get a free web site and database for minimal cost or free??

Please, again who do I contact about this and how would I direct others to this?
Great!  Congratulations Vanessa :)
@Pe lagic  "No doubt far far more interesting compared to boring business listings ;)"

Awww, you have no idea how much fun Vanessa had in her old role. We kept her busy! ;-)

SOOOOO sad to see you go Vanessa, but know you'll have a blast with your new gig!
Congrats Vanessa! It sounds exciting that you will  be working with the media telling Google Earth and Google Maps stories. I hope that you get to travel the world in this role!

We will miss you in the Forum!
Congratulations. Good luck on your new opportunity :)
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