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Vanessa Nova
I'm an Ambassador of Love, Truth, Beauty, and Planetary Evolution
I'm an Ambassador of Love, Truth, Beauty, and Planetary Evolution


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Join Aaron this Thursday on Hangouts on Air for a talk about the initiatory path of the Mystery School tradition and how these once-secret teachings are available to all for the betterment of humanity!   #mysteryschool   #modernmysteryschool   #lightworkers  #metaphysics #spirituality   #austin   #texas  
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What is a mystery school?
Why do they exist? 
What do they teach?
Why are these ancient teachings more important than ever on our planet?

Join us in answering these questions and learn about:

* The 7 great mystery school lineages that have existed on this planet
* What you will NEVER get unless you study spirituality with a lineage
* The ONLY great mystery school lineage that is open to the public for admission and study
* How YOU can live your best life and live your purpose by applying the secrets of some of the greatest human beings that walked this earth!
* Why NOW is the most important time for the teachings of spirit to come through!
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Contact me if you're ready to let go!  
Originally shared by Activate Austin
Need a spiritual deep cleanse?  Need to let go of a relationship that keeps hooking you in?  Get a cord cutting!  This is the most effective way to clear your energy and move forward to more joyful and positive energy!   #breakupadvice  #relationships #relationshipadvice #declutter #spiritualgrowth   #cordcutting   #modernmysteryschool   #happiness  
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