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The Official Google + Page for Vanessa Hudgens

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Did you guys watch Powerless tonight?? :D 

I haven't been on here in such a long time!! How are my lovebugs doing??? xx V

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Hey lovebugs!! I have an account where you all can go to ask me questions!! Check it out here: ♥

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IMPORTANT: Hello LoveBugs!!! This is an extremely important topic that I probably should have talked about a long time ago. The FCC is going to vote on net neutrality in TWO days. This means that if they vote for net neutrality to no longer exist, the internet will then be MONITORED. This means that some of the sites you've used throughout your lifetime such as Wikipedia and maybe even some of your favorite social networking sites will no longer work the same way and be open for us to use freely, or even WORSE, they will no longer be available for us at all!!! I'm pretty sure NONE of us want the internet to have "rules", right?? We ALL enjoy using the internet freely without having to really answer to anyone. So you're probably wondering, well what can we do to potentially stop this??? Check out the links below, and make sure to put your best foot forward in helping stop this!! Many sites are trying to help bring awareness to what could potentially happen and bring attention to how important this is! Please be sure to actively take part in the links below, sign the petition, etc. and ALSO, be sure to share the links with your friends and family and let them know how much of a big deal this is. The internet is a great, fun place where we're allowed to be ourselves, and we CAN'T have this taken away from us!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! If you sign the petition or call your representative, PLEASE comment below and let me know that you did. If we stick together, we can make this happen, even if we only have TWO days left.

I hope my lovebugs are all having an amazing year so far!! What have you all been doing in the lovely year of 2015? ♥

I hope my LoveBugs had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! What did you all eat/do?? xx

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Made a Youtube. Subscribe to it. :)

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Ask me questions!

Having a bit of a delay. We're starting the twitcam in 45 mins. It'll be here!

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Twitcamming with Selena in an hour! ^.^ Don't miss it.
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