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Planning a road trip ... Monarch butterflies here I come! Read my latest bloggy blog post. Have any of y'all ever been?
So most of you know about my obsession with butterflies (hence my tat). There’s so much symbolism with ... - The Official Website and Blog for actress and singer Vaness...
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No I havnt awesome tattoo though
i heard youur a hoee vanessa . and i heard that when i was in fourth grade . i dont likee youu <3 
I no like I totally love your clothes and u so u deserve a great time X
I love monarch butterflies too!!!!
I loved ur new movie journey 2. I think ur tattoo is awesome butterflies are beautiful nice pick on that. I <3 u
i have been there and it is fun awesome and cool
i like your tattoo but if there was a hsm 4 how would u hide it??????
I share ur meaning about butterflies! I like the butterflytheory...
oh i thought u wer talkin 2 me
No ur right, it was ment for Vanessa Hudgens... But it doesn't realy matters... I like to talk with soulmates...
ummmmmmmmmm ocward u wanted 2 b added 2 my circles sry but not gona happen cuz i dont knw u
Is it? Have a nice day... and watch out for da monkey business...
an sometimes i get really board!! and i dont know what to do!!
Just look around and see some truth... Have a nice time with ur self
um honey was anyone talkin to u i dont think so. so SHUT UP!! >:0
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