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Wow, really like the name of this,..makes my mouth water
Cool you and your peeps do this google+ thing, Thanks for the link and updates.
You are always so beautiful and classy Vanessa<3
well guess what v well me and my friend Rachel are donating all are money to kids in Africa do you want to help we are called kids helping kids
i watched jurney to the moustirous island vanessa plays a great role........................
hi umm plz if u could talk to me plz
oh, yes-journey 2-mysterious island was good :) heheee. two of my fave stars- vanessa hudgens and josh h. 
+Vanessa Hudgens It would blow my mind if you're reading this, but is this the real Vanessa Hudgens posting or is it a staff member of hers or something? Also, I hope you post more on G+.

I know you get a lot more comments on your Facebook page, but don't leave us Google fans out! Keep showing us love and circle me back, Ms. Gabriella Montez!
is there going to be high school musical 4 because i want to know badly
there was sharpays fabulous adventure that was part 4 ish 
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