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I don't think it should be legal for +T-Mobile to claim unlimited bandwidth when they cap speeds at ~30Kbps after 5GB. That's effectively cutting off Internet access.

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You must be one helluva power user. 5 gigs is a lot of data to run through on a phone (IMO).  I mean, I agree that it's a bit deceptive, but  then again, I can't see myself running through 5 gigs of data in a month...
+Dustin Messex I have to agree. I think the most data I use in a month is 2-3 gigs. Yet, its still shitty and slow. However, I am on AT&T and we all know AT&T just blows.
Watch a movie or two and you've blown through your data. Most months I'm down at 1-2GB, which is why I'm even more annoyed when they limit me at 5GB the one time I go over.
+Charlie Kravetz  Does cable claim in their advertising Unlimited?
I would be somewhat okay if T-Mobile were upfront about it, but they make a big deal about their unlimited data plans. 

Dropping speeds to half or even 1/4 of what they were would be ok, but dropping them to almost one hundredth is just ridiculous.
+Vanessa Howell Well technically, they havent lied.  You still have access to unlimited data.  It would be different if they just entirely cut you off.  As I said before.  Burning through 5 gigs of data is a lot of data.  Throttling you, to make sure that other customers aren't affected, is fair IMO.  

As I said earlier, burning through 5 gigs of data in a month is pretty extreme.  The average person doesn't use so much data.  So you have to wait a little longer... big deal.... shrug
+Vanessa Howell My cable company, Suddenlink, claimed unlimited data, the contract I originally signed up for, and now they are using a data cap of 250GB. I guess they forget people run offsite backups (Crashplan, Carbonite, etc...) It seriously is worse than a cell phone data plan IMO. I expect to at least backup my data offsite, watch Netflix movies and not have to worry about running over the cap and being forced to pay $10 extra for each 50GB increment over the cap.

On top of this cap, my bandwidth is slow, and I am not even running any hard data over the wire. I am thinking of switching to something else. Not sure, but this is truly pissing me off. I am not really worried about the data plan on my mobile plan as much since I usually connect it to Wi-Fi where ever I go.
+David Rodriguez I hadn't heard of Suddenlink, though I can't say I have much love for either Comcast or Verizon's Internet. I'm with Verizon FiOS now, which is mostly ok. I haven't hit any caps that I know about. Though I use it mostly for media consumption, all my files are already in the cloud so I don't have to backup from my local machine.
+Dustin Messex Technically they haven't lied, true - they've done the equivalent of pharma companies that claim a drug will cure a certain illness and then list all the bad things it'll do to you in small print. Technically they haven't lied, but they have the small kernel of truth is drowned out in their marketing.
+Vanessa Howell Not only does CableOne claim unlimited data, but 50MB/s speed. Of course, anyone trying to download too much finds there is a cap, somewhere around 20 GB or so of data gets you limited speed again, for the next month. Then, if you behaved the month after that penalty, you get your unlimited data at high speed again. The second offense takes two months to get back up unless you downloaded more than the 20GB again, and then you can't get back to high speeds.
20gb ?! That's not even a weeks worth of Netflix.
I'm in their 5gb plan & there's months that I used all of it and its almost unusable even opening email or any simple internet web browsing.

They should throttle you down BUT not to the point you cannot use it...

I called them many times and even their supervisor told me that 500Kbps is acceptable but not much lower than that.

I hope Tmobile will change their policy for us can still use the service (internet) even in checking emails, google+ account, etc...
Here in Austin - I'm with Time Warner Road Runner (wideband) 50Mbps and its TRUE UNLIMITED even you will use the internet 24/7...
But I envy Kansas as they have 1Gbps for ONLY $70/month & TRULY UNLIMITED...

Please GOOGLE choose Austin, Texas as your 2nd city to build your google fiber...
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