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City councilmen try to silence a nine year old girl. They quickly reverse course after public outcry.

In support of free speech I'll donate $1 to Martha's charity for every share of this post.

Martha's charity supports meals for school children, a link to donate can be found here:

(Thanks +Mike Downes for the link)
+Michelle Marie can you help get the word out?


(donation up to a max of $1000)
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I will seldom share a post that blatantly states "share this to show support", since that really only shows support for the poster. This, however, allows a charity to receive money, and is, in my mind, excellent use of the "Please share this post" type statements.

Thank you for helping this child.
Thanks +Charlie Kravetz - we're almost at 60 shares, though I had hoped to get to 1000 :) I'll tally total tomorrow morning and donate.
In fairness, someone made a crass decision that was quickly overturned. Kudos to them for coming out and saying they were wrong.

As for "city councilmen" - well, Lochgilpead is no city and the western highlands of Scotland, whilst having its fair share of self-important bureaucrats, is also pretty laid back and open to reason.

Disclaimer: it's where my family are from, so I may be prejudiced in favor of the area.
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