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Skydiving is really just applied physics. Don't you trust physics +Dave Bacon?
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Oh it's definitely physics.  There is the physics of terminal velocity, which is very cool.  There is also the physics of wht happens when you slam a ball of some organic stuff and water into the ground at this velocity.  Exploding people physics says "don't do it!"
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Fascinating. We're living longer, committing suicide more and our longevity is causing deaths by alzheimers and dementia to rise.
Americans die in smaller portions each year, but what kills us is changing.
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We live in a strange world where taxes steadily increase until the point you have more than enough to live on forever. Then your taxes are slashed by 2/3.
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A few of our best points this weekend.
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Vanessa Howell

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Mr Market, can I have some more?
Another 5 or 6 days like today would be great. Thanks! :)
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Cars. America made them, but God made America. 
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Hearthstone is probably the best ipad game I've played. Download it, you won't be sorry!
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So strangely, I support this. It simplifies the tax system, removes the loopholes and also provides support for those less well off.
My only concern is the unintended consequences of taxing consumption so highly.
The #FairTax ® legislation has 74 cosponsors in the House. Washington listens when we yell. Have you told them "ENOUGH!" by taking one minute to send this message? #TaxDay
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If you want tax stability, as I understand it, you don't want to tax consumption (particularly consumption above poverty) or income, you want to tax wealth. I think some guy that writes for the NYT suggested that. It might require a really big/invasive IRS, though. The wealth tax is something of a pander to young "creative class" rich people, where FairTax is a pander to old rich people with land (that is, the Tea Party base, which is why the website opens with a reference to the totally fabricated IRS Tea Party non-profit scandals that were debunked a long-ass time ago).

Stability can also be achieved by saving money in good times for lean ones... but it's difficult to manage those sorts of funds perfectly. King County Metro (Seattle's bus agency) did that and managed to avoid drastic service cuts during the recession like the ones Pierce and Snohomish Counties had to make... until just now, and it's currently scrounging around to avoid severe cuts as a result (obligatory plug, if any King County residents that haven't voted yet are reading, vote yes on Prop 1 -- car tabs are actually historically/nationally low here, KCM is actually doing a pretty good job with what it has, and the cuts it would have to make would be seriously damaging to our ability to accommodate Seattle's future growth sustainably). On the other side of things, someone I know watched a small-town school district in Wyoming insist on growing its reserves during the last recession. They must have been convinced that things were about to get even worse. That's always a possibility -- though unlikely given the general growth trends and relatively shallow recession in mineral-rich Wyoming... in retrospect they'd have been wiser to dip into the fund to avoid temporary cuts. Anyway, if there's a group that truly can't manage this sort of fund, it's the US Congress.

As for the fairness of FairTax, the idea of taxing consumption above poverty has its merits, though of course some kind of IRS still has to be there to figure out who's living in and has expenses in the US, crack down on businesses flaunting sales taxes, etc. Also it would be better to tax carbon emissions (including footprint of imported goods) than simple value or value-add, simply on the basis that climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, not the size/shape of the IRS.
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Reviewing some trades, best trade I've made so far:
Jan/Feb SPY 181 timespread. Profit: $839, return on margin: 109%, adjusting timeframe to year gives 1424% return on margin.

Now if I could get a few more of those :)
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Tricky tricky problem. 
When word of the Heartbleed bug first came out, news spread like a fire alarm — but it didn’t spread evenly. The vulnerability was spread across as many as two out of every three servers, which...
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Wow, a lot has changed in a few years. This place used to be great. We went in today looking to upgrade our stereo system and it was empty. Staff were chatting with each other. We wandered around for a few minutes and when no one offered to help we left. If I'm going to spend thousands of dollars on an audio system i expect better service than this.
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Ugh, avoid this place. The food was disgusting, I could barely eat it. I ordered one of their vegetarian options and it was making my stomach do backflips before I had even finished. The service is terrible. We had to call someone over to take our order and ask for the check twice. Then we tried to pay with credit card and there were all sorts of issues. And while he was on the phone trying to 'resolve the issue' he spent most of the time talking about the soccer game (in Spanish, which my fiancé knows a bit of) No wonder there was only one other table seated when we went there. I don't know what Mexican is typically like in the south, but if you've eaten it anywhere else (Cali, Northwest or East coast) you will be disappointed. Avoid this place at all costs. Rude service and disgusting food.
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Prompt, courteous and easy to schedule. I travel a lot, and have found these guys to be among the best town car service out there. They use Square to allow for easy credit card payments and receipts via email/text which is *such* a blessing when filing expense reports, and also avoids the typical grumpy 'do you have cash' response I get when presenting a credit card. I was able to book a town car the other day by texting them and shortly afterwards they texted back and it was done. That's far easier than messing with web sites, and lets me schedule the car while I'm sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my departing flight.
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Terrible service. No wonder they are going out of business.
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The BEST skydiving you'll ever do. For the experienced skydiver they have friendly load organizers for every level, fun activities like Grace's Speed Demons, and challenging endeavors like the Mark and Darryld 40-ish ways. I travel regularly from Seattle down to SoCal just to jump at Perris.
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Closed at 1pm on a Saturday. Really??
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The best meal I've ever eaten. Words do not do it justice. To describe how delectable the food is would be like trying to describe music to someone who cannot hear. If you don't go here you will miss the pinnacle of culinary experiences.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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