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Enchanting Imagination
Enchanting Imagination

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Alligator mississippiensis
Will H. Blackwell, Jr. Hunting (binoculars
and camera only) some dozen miles above the “Y” made by the confluence of the
Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers, I reached the marshy flanks of a large Oxbow-lake.
This landlocked river-bend was cut off by diminished...
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Snow Day
Story and photo by Bernie Brown Like drifting fluff, the snow turned
North Hills Drive into a white, unspoiled plane while Sophie watched from her apartment
window, her miniature terrier Tinker Belle in her arms. Sophie put Tink down and said, “We’ve got
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The Poet
by Ed Nichols             Five
miles outside the mountain town of Clarkesville, Georgia, Sonny Butler, farmer—and
poet—sat in a rocker on his front porch on the occasion of his sixtieth
birthday and considered the ways he could commit suicide.   “How about ...
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Grandfather and Grandson Bank Fish at Archie
Poem by Cody Smith Artwork by Clinton Van Inman                                                 for J. Neal Downhill from
the T-Towne gas station we fish Little
River. Last night you dug Coke jugs from trashcans,
filled them with water, and sat them in
the ...
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The Unburied Graves, August 2005
Poem by Hannah Warren Artwork by Clinton Van Inman Those
glimmers of coral might Be the lots
of some hard-luck Town, or –
depositing on the dead A second bed
– A submerged
cemetery.             -Brad
Leithauser If you take a left off Old Gentilly Road in Ne...
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Miss Pearl
Photo and essay by Tonya Calvert Miss Pearl sat in her worn rocking chair, and I sat on the
couch with the vinyl sticking to my legs as the box fan blew hot air around the
small living room.    Miss Pearl, as she
was known to many, was Ma-Ma to me. She was ...
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I Want to Fly
by seven-year-old Amelia I want to fly. In an airplane And also outside of an airplane I want to fly in a parachute  Flying and Falling  Then I'll do a flip in the air  And when I land on a roof I'll bounce up and do it  Again.
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The Service
by Chay Lemoine Two
weeks ago while getting ready to leave the condo for work Aunt Liz called to
say that Uncle Tony had passed away.   Services would be held in a couple of days, and she had hoped I could
come. She gave me the address of the funeral home i...
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Out on the Weekend
                                  by Terry Barr             The television in my parents’ den
shows Yankee great Bernie Williams socking a double between right and center
field. In this playoff round of 1996, the Yankees will take down the Texas
Rangers and...
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Grandfather Impressions
by Richard Stokes He pressed his thoughts between journal pages like I did maple leaves in my childhood scrapbook. Like the leaves his words left patterns, a portrait more distinctive than the one hanging in the den. Born in Georgia in 1939 Richard graduate...
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