By now the rest of the Country and the Insolvency Profession included will finally recognise that there is a Dublin Insolvency Landscape and a Not-Dublin Insolvency Landscape. A Leading Lender predicted to this PIP in December 2015 that the Market in Dublin was going to be "worse than it ever was."

Market reports showing single figure growth did not mention the use of Averaging in the calculations. Marquee 7 figure properties were, and still are dropping, therefore impinging on the Average Property Market Price movments.

For a working example of how the Insolvency Profession is a very different days' work here in Dublin see this scenario:
The Primary School Teacher in Dublin 6 is on the same wage scale as the Teacher in Leitrim. Same unsustainable Mortgage 300K; Same Lender; one property a four bed bungalow is worth 120k; the other a 2 bed apartment worth 320K.

One is a perfect candidate for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement; the other : Bankruptcy

London rules now apply here in Dublin

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