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Commercial real estate resources for realtors, investors, property management firms and realty companies
Commercial real estate resources for realtors, investors, property management firms and realty companies

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I Unshackled Myself From Social Media and It Felt Good!
The freedom of not having to be active on social media is intoxicating. I took a couple of weeks off, playing golf, meeting friends, going to concerts and doing all the other good stuff I like. That was nice.

Am I advocating cutting the umbilical? The answer is absolutely not! But, I do recommend a more balanced approach.

Are you in agreement with me? I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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Real Estate Markets Are Changing and so Should You
The prediction is that shopping centers and office buildings are starting to take a back seat, while industrial and residential real estate will be front and center. Get ready to take advantage of these trends and move your business ahead of its competitors.

I'd love to hear your opinion on these predictions. Please don't be afraid to disagree. Do you have any of your own predictions to add here?

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The Real Estate Community of Google+ Under New Ownership
It is with some reluctance that I wish to announce my resignation as the owner of the Real Estate Community. I am doing this, for no other reason than to provide more time for other business activities. Starting tomorrow, Saturday May 16th, ownership of the Community will be transferred to my good and capable friend +Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison. I feel confident that under Luke's leadership and direction, the Community will continue to prosper as it has over the past few years.

In the interest of full transparency, there are several issues I'd like to address:

1. This is not a sale. I am transferring ownership, for no financial or other considerations whatsoever.
2. I intend to continue my full and active presence on social media. You are not likely to notice any change.
3. Passing the baton to +Luke Skar is an easy decision. Luke is a friend and an active member of the Google+ real estate community at large. He has the necessary knowledge and experience to forge ahead with the Community. I have confidence that he will be diligent in upholding the high principals under which the Community has flourished.

I want to thank +Janis Borgueta +Connor T. MacIVOR +Melissa Marro and +Deborah Lamb for all their contributions in helping make the REC the great Community that it is. With the largest membership of only North American real estate professionals and the highest number of posts per member, the REC is easily the premier real estate destination on Google+.

I look forward to seeing you all on Google+ and the other social media networks.


Elias Nathaniel

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How To Motivate Your Realtor
A motivated real estate agent will more than earn the commission charged. Just follow these few tips and you should be on your way to motivating your agent and keeping your relationship on track. 
1. Be Respectful and Polite
2. Don't Undermine Your Realtor
    - By Talking to Other Agents Directly
    - By Talking to Potential Buyers Directly
3. Avoid Haggling Over Commission Rates
4. Don't Waste Your Agent's Time
5. Don't Judge or Criticize with Hindsight
6. Be Encouraging and Grateful

Anything else you can think of?

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Infographic On Title Insurance

The basics about and the differences between lenders' and owners' policies. A good primer for homebuyers.

Main Types Of Title Insurance
Lender's title insurance
Owner's title insurance

Lender's Title Insurance
Protects lender's interests
Insures mortgage principal
Monthly premiums paid by homeowner
Insurance expires when mortgage paid off

Owner's Title Insurance
Protects homeowner's interests
Insures against losses due title problems
Single premium payment at closing
Insurance expires when ownership ends

What It Covers
Title search mistakes
Errors in public records
Forged documents
Undisclosed or missing heirs
Liens for unpaid taxes
Claims arising from unprobated wills
Legal fees to defend against claims

How familiar are your homebuyers with title insurance?

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Real Estate Agents Listing Responsibilities
Here's an infographic highlighting real estate agents' basic responsibilities in listing a property. Is anything missing from this list?

Suggest a Listing price
- Comparable Sales
- Competition From Other Listed Homes
- Market Trends

Promote the Listing
- Prepare Marketing Material
- Devise Marketing Program
- Staging the Home

Deal With Prospective Buyers
- Show the Home
- Provide Property Information
- Promote the Home to Prospects
- Follow Up With Prospects
- Proper Disclosures

Negotiate the Sale
- Review Offers
- Explain Areas of Concern
- Recommend Response
- Ensure Proper Documentation

Ensure a Smooth Closing
- Ensure Contingencies are Met
- Troubleshoot Problems
- Ensure Closing Documents in Order
- Advise Seller on Responsibilities
- Be Present for Last Walkthrough
- Be Present at Closing

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Get Listed on Directory for FREE
If you are looking for more free exposure and some good  SEO juice for your website, then go ahead and list your website.

What will you get for listing?

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What do we get out of it? We get to expand and improve our databases.

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Visit for "All Real Estate Info".

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Canadian pension funds and developers have been raising their investment in foreign real estate this year, primarily in the United States, as they seek alternatives to a consolidated domestic market.

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Despite a slowing global economy, forward economic momentum in the United States should keep commercial real estate activity on firmer footing.

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This is like getting all 16K followers with a couple of clicks!

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Join the the more than 16,000 Real Estate Pros
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Why join?
1. Your posts can reach a large real estate audience.
2. You can network with a large pool of like minded professionals.
3. Member interaction is high.
4. The Community is strictly focused on North American Real Estate.
5. If you have a question, Community members are quick to jump in and help.
6. The Community is carefully moderated to keep out spam.

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