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Vance Fitzgerald
Systems thinker. Data driven analyst. Problem solver. Technology explorer. Sports fan. #Raleigh NC
Systems thinker. Data driven analyst. Problem solver. Technology explorer. Sports fan. #Raleigh NC


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Cisco Blog Post on Internet of Things #GoCisco  

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Great video showing downtown #Raleigh
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This is really, really good! Can't wait to run City of Oaks!

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Big shoes to fill +Cisco - but I read somewhere that Chuck wears Size 15's !  #GoCisco  ... Shifting from a +Duke University  fan to a +North Carolina Tar Heels   fan is another theme here to keep an eye on.  

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+NC State University VS #Duke
reminded me of Pete Gaudet.

If he was in the press conference yesterday...

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Historical FIFA Rankings Data Visualization
#soccer #futbol #Tableau #dataviz

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I took this photo of Carter-Finley after NCSU Homecoming this weekend. The picture came out better than the game.

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Oh well. It's all about the fellowship I suppose. #NCState Homecoming
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The Ivy League Startup Lean (not lean as in Lean Startup by Eric Ries , but lean as in the skewness toward)
The link between startups and Ivy League Schools is not surprising, but certainly interesting. The study criteria is obviously the right place to start here, but my internal influence diagram radar assumes that this linkage must be at least partially due to the strong correlation with access to $$$ by those students. I would hypothesize that the following factors are all at play at varying levels :
1) "Rich Dad Poor Dad" mentality has been modeled by their parents.
2) Oh yeah, they are really smart and have great ideas
3) The startup mentality is more pervasive in Ivy League schools curriculum
4) Parents tend to have more money on average, so they have less fear of failure / perceived risk upon graduation
5) Their human Network of peers affords them additional access to affluential potential investors

What other factors?

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This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot:
Raleigh Supply of Men is Less than the Demand
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