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Another warranty to file on a tank leak, not that it is common, but when one exists on a non-metallic tank, almost always covered, even years past coverage time frame.

A research effort for "Larry"
I have looked on fiche card. Hh140 is grouped with oh and more. The following head part numbers are listed for all on the card, to define THE pn, need the full engine spec. for HH150-170001 pn is 33465 shown as no stock but available to order. Not much is on-line for the hh140 and under each of the part numbers found on microfiche only 33465 shows a HH140 application, balance are later series. Given proper spec, if on my old microfiche, will get more info, till then, this is complete known info:
33763, 34775,33465,33465A,33464,34753,34303,34767,34642,34771.
What do you risk if peening does not hold – valve thru piston, bent valve, broken rod, valve train damage, a few tears. My first choice = new head if can be obtained from a) factory source, b) NOS. Second choice have head in auto shop, they machine existing head for an oversize od seat to be pressed in under temperature advantages. Third choice peening. But if the material is there, peening has a good chance. If you do not have the spec like HH140 and spec xxxxx or xxxxxx, I can have you study the diagram on fiche looking for what is on your engine that others do not, and after anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours you can get close to your spec, but would need to know your engine very well. For me to do this is costly. It is also possible that the Bolens model number will give you the original engine spec. on their parts list. I have done many such research projects over the years, and other than bolens user group data on the web, this is about the extent of info.
The above is for an OH140 (price subject to change!). If memory serves me, they are the same part number, but I will need your spec if you have it and need to dust off the old Microfiche set to find your part number as HH140 is not detailed online by Tecumseh. That said, to answer your question, I would need to inspect the head to see if a peening repair is possible and advise on likelihood of success, with no guaranty of it staying, only an experienced advisement. I will say, of all parts we have ever peened, only one had a return failure when we said we had some level of confidence. It is also necessary to re-center valve seats by re-cutting them and then lapping in the valves, otherwise, any very small offset created by moving material to peen in the seat will cause the valves to leak and fail. Peening in our shop takes a different approach when possible which is more effective by utilizing a larger block area under high press pressure and a special impact procedure on a special tool, combined with peening which is very close to the seat, where the press can start from a further point out and move in to the normal peening area. If the seat has wallowed out in the block more than .010”, it is unlikely any success can be achieved, but the surrounding material “surplus” can make a significant difference in the ability to move material. That combined with the alloy of the block will be factors in any measure of success. Finally, in some cases, hardness can be used to help before and after peening.
Hi Ray,
I have a Bolens g14 lawn tractor with a Tecumseh HH140 engine. This engine has the valves in the head and one of the valve seats has come loose. Is this something you could repair? I have the head off the engine. I've heard of people peening the seat back in, but I'm not thinking thats a permanent solution.

Time to get the mower out and make sure it is ready, get some service work done early, before the grass grows faster than shop lead time!

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to Government change, and soon, in a major way, if small biz is going to survive, let alone hire!

Quality service and repair:
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We also had a great website. Windows loss of the site, the operating system, the backup by file history wiped us out. I am rebuilding the site. It is functionable but a few key links need work yet.
When you look thru the site and hit a page that does not work, feedback helps me know the priority of repairs. So enjoy:

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Visit our site for complete info or call!

Well we had a great Google + page, but it was lost by Google + changes by Google. Over time we will improve this, but we also have our web site to update which is far more informative than here. So we think of this as a blog site.
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