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Dynamic System Bars
Immerse yourself.

This week has been busy so far but work on PA has been squeezed in regardless and I am happy to announce dynamic system bars.

As you know, we aim to keep our design simple, understandable and immersive. We felt like the user should not be bothered by black blocks at the top and the bottom of the screen and even though they are specific areas of the screen, they could be integrated much better. That is exactly what we are doing now by throwing in more colors for the status and navigation bars. Regardless of some rough edges that need to be worked on until release, the base concept is strong so #StayParanoid.

And don't forget to thank +Arz Bhatia for actually making it look cool!
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Will it be on the next release of pa? Maybe on next alpha? 
+Clément Gaston Including it with the next release is the plan. As I said, there are some issues, but I believe they can be resolved until release time. 
Im confused, basically tinted status bar is now part of the rom?
amazing stuff, amazing works, amazing devs! 
Yep, almost same thing that tinted status bar does. 
+Christopher Diesel It looks similar to TSB, but the logics used behind the scenes are different. Our implementation does not just check the action bar - it is dynamic. When you scroll down in a document, the bars adjust.
+Shane Kloosterman This is not hybrid/PA preferences and no, this is not like that. As I just commented, what we are adding will pick your status bar and navigation bar colors based on what is next to the bar instead of being set to a specific color for an app. 
+Valter Strods yeah i just read it, even better :) can't wait, this would be a reason for me to switch to PA (as i'm currently not)
Kinda like the Chameleon Engine that Thinking Bridge had? Only... PA so obviously better lol. Looking forward to this.
Dany V
I miss using Xposed (i use ART now on Paranoid) only for Tinted Status Bar. So this is perfect for me!
+Valter Strods will this be able to set the color a bit darker than the color below automatically? (android L look)
So does this change the color of Pie as well?
+Philip Blumel The color of Pie is not affected by this as of now. That would not make much sense anyway since Pie comes as a distinct overlay - much more distinct than the stock navigation bar.
Would be nice if put  a translucent navigation bar when is there a list view/scrow view.
+Lucas Teles Switching to translucent based on content would be a bit different from the current implementation. While pretty much nothing is "impossible", that needs much deeper communication between the content and the status bar. I do see the benefit in design, but in my opinion the implementation takes too much work to be viable as of now.
Prenz T
Been using tinted status bar for months, nice it's being part of the ROM now.
Now I can remove another Xposed module. You keep adding the modules I have.
Good bye xposed and good bye tinted status bar...
I can drop Xposed finally as the only mod I used was tinted status bar. Well do me PA!!!
Yees, finally a replacement for pa colors in a hassle-free way. Can't wait! Would love to have a slightly darker color for the status bar android L style.
Pretty much what the Xposed Module, Tinted Status Bar already does, except that this also tweaks the Nav Bar to fit the theme of the keyboard, which is kind of neat.
So if the virtual buttons were white. They would change to a darker color if the background was white? Cool idea can't wait to see it in action. Also will this only work with PA themes for theme chooser?
+Tapas Easwar It isn't only the keyboard. It is literally any content that is next to the navigation bar. 
+Daniel Tunnyhill As you can see in one of the screenshots, yes, navigation buttons change color as well if needed. This is independent on themes so yes, themes will work with this. 😃
I hope google implement this and it becomes native in android 🙏 
Will it be an Alpha build?
+Dave John By the looks of it, this will be delayed a bit to work on some performance issues. Apologies.
Thanks +Arz Bhatia ! You can definitely see the design styling from the PA theme Veu. Love it
This could make me get PA!

How did the Navbar turn into the Android L one- is that default in PA? 
You basically stole the Chameleon theme engine
+Jacob Cuevas - Can't watch that right now, I'm on 3G heh. Care to explain? (Data limit)
+Arz Bhatia Chameleon had this feature before, so did an xposed framework. The Chameleon theme engine was open source so it was easy to steal and rename. Definitely not innovative
+Jacob Cuevas - We released Per App Color before everything was released I think. That's how TSB came into existence. Google it! :)
Work started on Per App Color - Q2 2012. We release in October '12. Not sure how that's kanging. DSB was completely rewritten from scratch. I for one, didn't even know Chameleon (OS?) had something like this?
+Arz Bhatia I could very easily have been wrong. I didn't know it went that far back
It's a fact that PA came up with Per app color & this new DSB also looks really great.But saying things like 'I don't know what Chameleon OS or Chameleon Engine is'..Well,This is kinda strange & hard to digest.If i develop a feature & someone else come up with more or less same thing.I would keep an eye on their development.This is just natural & anyone would do the same thing.PA is doing a great job & i respect their developers.But there is a world outside PA as well.
Awesome !
I just wonder why PA donesn't have other "normal" features in addition to its exclusive ones !
Could be perfect 😍
Are you planning to release it in alpha today?
+ahmad o. More information about that as the release comes. (That is a maybe.)
Hopefully your team will have less stress now and the silly user requests concerning DSB disappear. Lol +Valter Strods
I updated my nexus 4 to the latest beta but how do I enable DSB?
is it available with open source code (DSB)
+Marcel Whilby Not yet. A bunch of stuff is still being changed regarding how it works. It will be released open source once it is deemed done and ready for that. 
+Ronald Natson I have been trying to reproduce the issue for a while now. Even did some digging through code to see if anything looks off. Sadly, my search returned with nothing. I suggest we move this over to the issue comments section.

As a side note, I am easily reachable using Hangouts. Just starting with "hey, can we talk about this bug" or something similar should work just fine if I have some free time on my hands. 😃
s there any way to implement it in a rom?? maybe some xposed module??
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