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That everyday student.

tl;dr We are not active, but we are not dead either.

Okay. Look. Can we all just stop sharing news about PA based on what one person said?

There is no official statement because we are not 100% sure what we should be considered. There is a small group of us who still want to bring it back and who are looking into how to do it. We need servers. We need developers. We are lacking in everything and there has been a media silence since we actually don't know about how to sort everything out. Recruiting attempts don't really seem to bring in the manpower we would need and just asking for servers won't give us much anyway if we don't have enough people who can spend time, so right now we are just staying silent.

If we were to actually call quits on the whole ordeal, you would hear it from some other place than Andre's feed. Nobody calls us dead like that.
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EDIT Thanks to everyone who filled it out. Now is the time I organize these responses into the paper, I suppose.

tl;dr Please fill out and thank you!

Hey. I am kind of in a rough position right now and need your help. (Yes, your help!) How, you may ask? Simple. I have to do a research paper for school and my topic of choice is Wi-Fi security. The bad news is that this paper has been postponed a bunch already and has to be finished for Friday (European time). It does not matter that you know nothing about Wi-Fi or you know everything about Wi-Fi. I am looking for answers from everyone, so if you could fill out that would absolutely rock!

Additionally, please comment if you would be interested in seeing the whole finished paper. It would cover the various security protocols of Wi-Fi, results of a quick scan of the Wi-Fi networks in my area and notes about people's thoughts regarding Wi-Fi security.
I am asking this as the paper's original language is Latvian (due to me living in Latvia and my school saying it has to be handed in in Latvian) and that would mean I have to do a full translation of the paper into English. While it's not a massive task when the paper is actually finished, I still want to know if there are actually people who would read it before I go ahead with it.
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Sometimes things are a bit slow. Can we get a brainstorming/idea flinging session going right here, right now for something simple to be changed before the full source for L drops?

"The 3 type of people. There's people who make things happen, there's people who let things happen, and then there's people who wonder what the hell happened. So, you know, you have to figure out which one are you." -- Jared Polin, The Truth about Photography, .

This cool quote hits close to home. I recommend the full linked talk to all aspiring photographers reading this. Actually, I recommend this talk to anyone who wants to do anything in their life as there will probably still be something interesting and helpful to take away or conclude. Just put the talk on while on a long commute, laying in bed bored and restless, wherever, whenever.

All things have always required effort, especially the ones that are to be remembered. Spending time, patience and possibly money on the thing you stay excited about and you believe in is always a risk. You can never know with full confidence what will go on to succeed and what will flop. You just put your trust into something and go head first. You just put your trust into someone and open yourself up.

If you choose to go hard at whatever you are presented, you might get burned. If you stay strong, get back up, pull yourself together, you try again. Being active, staying polite and working hard is almost always the safe way to achieving greatness... but, sometimes, you have to know when to say no as well. Seeing when to back off is a skill. Nobody can be in control of all the things nonstop meaning everyone has to sometimes just let things happen on their own to achieve real greatness.

It is human nature to be pushy, to stay curious. We want a lot, we want it all. We want speed, we want it now. The human brain is capable of such powerful actions and even more so when multiple people put their brains together to make something awesome happen, but it is easy to overwork the individual brains as well. Once the thought process becomes messy, it also becomes hard to make complete sense of everything happening around you. That is kind of where I am right now.

As the lead of DSB, I have to tell you, it has been a fancy trip. I don't regret a single bit of it, but I feel like right now I have to take a break of an undetermined length with the plan for now being to resolve personal worries, focus on academic work more and enjoy life to the fullest. Cheers to the guys and gals doing unofficial builds, and might be beneficial for you. To everyone else, take care.
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Dynamic System Bars
Immerse yourself.

This week has been busy so far but work on PA has been squeezed in regardless and I am happy to announce dynamic system bars.

As you know, we aim to keep our design simple, understandable and immersive. We felt like the user should not be bothered by black blocks at the top and the bottom of the screen and even though they are specific areas of the screen, they could be integrated much better. That is exactly what we are doing now by throwing in more colors for the status and navigation bars. Regardless of some rough edges that need to be worked on until release, the base concept is strong so #StayParanoid.

And don't forget to thank +Arz Bhatia for actually making it look cool!
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As long as you don't want anything changed, it is all good.
Veu's app has become so complex, it's a pain in the rainbows & butterflies sometimes.
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And thanks to +Arz Bhatia for continuing to work on the little details that often get missed. 😉
Veu - Credits/Thanks

Veu was not a small project. I needed a lot of help to accomplish what I wanted. Here are the people who helped me everytime I needed help regarding something.

+Kiriakos Kanatsaris - Individual App Theming, General Stuffs
+Jose Angel Galvez - Animated Checkboxes
+espen olsen - That mini icon pack in there :)
+Manuel Labrador Vianthi - General Stuffs, Support
+Valter Strods - Inspiration, Strength
+Michael Doeringer - Inspiration
+Janzen Purvis - Inspiration, Someone to talk to
+Carlo Savignano - Loving me
+Nikolai Prettner - Being an entertainer
+Nick Rayford - General Stuffs, Always being there
+Philipp Schumann - Support

My whole family, specially parents and my brother. My girl too ^.^

Last but DEFINITELY not the least - EACH and every one of you. You are awesome, stay awesome!
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Dark times (PA 4.42?)

Please note that these are my personal ramblings and anything that is expressed or implied here does not represent the opinions of other team members in any way.

So, Monday is just around the corner. That means that a new and wonderful release is approaching. Sadly, there isn't really much to offer this week so far - only small fixes and updates. Right now, they can essentially be narrowed down to theme engine updates, updates to the APNs and also minor tweaks here and there to get rid of some generally rare crashes. It makes sense that no major changes are done this week - the 4th just took place and the project can actually be considered to be in the 'maintenance' part of the development cycle as the emphasis should be put on simply polishing what already exists instead of making groundbreaking features.

What I see as the problem and the reason of why I felt the need to publish this quick update is that a lack of communication between the team members seems to be emerging. Very recently, a pair of people who have been and will be an integral part of the team have decided to split off. I think it is fair that people might need some time off here and there. After all, the team is composed of people who work on PA voluntarily, as something that is done on the side of having a family, friends and a primary job. Nonetheless, when people start to distancing themselves from the team, it starts to raise questions about what is going on exactly.

On the outside, PA is staying the same.
On the inside, PA is changing.
Whether it be for the better or for the worse, only time will tell.
Until then, #StayParanoid.
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