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Chicago's Gaming Convention!
Chicago's Gaming Convention!


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Our FAQ is up! I'll post it here, as well as announce future updates.

>>What Makes ValorCon Different?
We have four primary differentiators:
No other large Chicago-area convention focuses on gaming.
No other large Midwest convention focuses on video gaming.
We fill a need for additional catalysts for equality and tolerance in the video game industry. 
We can help strengthen the evolving nexus of independent game developers in the Chicago area. 

>>What kind of gaming will ValorCon have?
Gaming rooms will be set up for PCs and consoles, and will feature LAN/online multiplayer, solo and tournament play. There will also be areas set up for tabletop, collectible trading card, and pen-and-paper RPGs. We will feature local independent game developers and their games alongside their big name siblings, and you'll have an opportunity to sample a wide variety of fresh new titles.

>>When and where will ValorCon take place?
We're still hammering out the details, but it will be a three-day event in July. We're currently looking at the weekends of the 11th and 25th. Gaming tournaments, large events, and exhibitor/dealer halls will be located in the Stephens Convention Center near O'Hare airport, in Rosemont. We will also be occupying one or more adjacent hotels to host dozens of panels, games, performances, and other custom-tailored events that will make ValorCon a unique experience and give the show a distinct personality.

>>What kind of crowd will be at ValorCon? 
We're building this show for gamers - all manner of gamers. There will be events for players of action & shooters, strategy, MMOs, adventure & RPGs, platformers, puzzlers, sports, racing, simulators,  wargamers, and pong. There will be rowdy areas, quiet zones, family centers, after hours events, places to be social, and places to be alone. We are going to offer traditional gaming topics, some off-the-wall topics, and programming aimed at particular subgroups, including women, ethnic groups, different age groups, and LBGT gamers. We have no agenda to push at anyone - just a strong desire to make everyone feel welcomed, wanted, and happy.

>>What else will there be to do besides play games?
We'll have a great mix of typical con activities like guest panels, seminars, demos, family & kids activities, and live performances. We're also planning a number of creative and unusual activities to help define ValorCon's unique feel. In fact, if you click on that "Feedback" link up there, you can join in our effort to get the community involved in shaping our programming!

>>Is ValorCon for all ages?
Indeed it is. Events, tracks, and other activities which feature particular games will carry the same maturity rating. If something at ValorCon is rated "E", you know everyone can join in, but if something is rated "M", no one under 17 will be allowed to play or enter the area. 
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