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Valley Craft Industries
Professional grade material handling and storage solutions
Professional grade material handling and storage solutions


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5 tests every manufacturer should run quarterly

1. Utilization versus capacity
2. Per-project profitability
3. Client mix
4.Workload diversity
5. Sick time and personal time off

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5 expert tips to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of working with fleet management systems that don’t meet health and safety standards via +Advanced Safety & Health, LLC 

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5 Main Elements To Forklift Safety Training via +Advanced Safety & Health, LLC 

1. Stability Triangle
2. Fulcrum Point
3. Data Plate
4. Driving Safely
5. Using the Horn

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3 ways to save yourself from worker injury losses.

1. Use the 80/20 Rule to improve both the productivity and safety of your warehouse
2. Optimize the Strike Zone Using the 80/20 Rule
3. Using the 80/20 rule with Portable Powered Workstations and Powered

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Great infographic by +Material Handling Exchange outlining easy wins in warehouse safety.

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Warehouses don't have to be dangerous. Know what to look for and save lives!
#Warehouse #safety
Learn more here:

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When you ignore those 'minor' safety practices, you are putting yourself, your employees and your business at risk.

1. Maintain a clean and even floor space
2. Train your forklift operators 
3. Be aware of your surroundings
4. Incorporate ergonomic equipment use with proper lifting technique
5. Properly install and maintain pallet racks

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According to the Material Handling Institute and OSHA, warehouses are magnets for accidents. Between moving vehicles and machinery, combined with repetitive lifting, material handling workers rank among the highest in workman’s comp claims....

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We're sharing some local news today! * acquires a second warehouse in Shakoppe, MN*

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