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An plain noob question.
Say that the evil pharmacist poisons my food with a sleeping potion. I fail all my rolls and I've a "sleeping" aspect.
Now what it does happens:
a) I'm unconscious and unable to act?
b) I can act but "sleeping" aspect can ben invoked against me, so I've a -2 on my actions?
Logic tells me a) But maybe I'm wrong ...

happy to join you community.
I'm new to Fate and I started playing a Fate Core Campaign.
Being a newbie I've a couple of question for you - please be patient if are trivial questions.

a) If I try to hit an enemy that is not aware of my attack he cannot defend (right?) but how can I assess passive opposition? Logic tells me that if there is a standard scene (average lights, terrain without particular hazards and so on) should be an average +1 but it seems too easy. Am I wrong?

b) when I spend a fate point to reroll a very bad dice rolls must I invoke an aspect to justify it or not?

Hallo all,
I'm an old school master and I'd like to host a Gurps fantasy  campaign with my group over Hangout. Have you any suggestion since this is my first time?

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the best for Gurps

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