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New blog post: Getting your content to reach new audiences isn't just about posting, sharing and commenting

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10 #Philippine Motoring Twitter and Instagram accounts you need to be following

In order to help everyday motoring fans (or newcomers to either social media platform) we’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 Philippine motoring Twitter and Instagram accounts that’ll most definitely entertain, inform, and inspire you in 140 characters or less.

In no particular order..

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Best Marketed Vehicles of 2014

As a platform, we’re not blessed with the same skill-sets that allow us to accurately evaluate vehicles based on their design and engineering merits. Instead, as marketers, we like to look at big chunks of analytical data and give credit to those companies and marketers who have truly excelled in promoting a product. With this in mind, we decided to come up with a list of the top-marketed vehicles of 2014 - and we’ve been very scientific in the process.

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Happy New Year!

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Stay productive when sick, here’s some tips from +Spokal :)
Well guys, 'tis the season... When we all seem to get sick, that is. When you're in a startup or small business, you just don't have the luxury of sick days, so here's how you can still be productive when you're under the weather!

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How to Find More Clients Without Using Job Boards

Finding clients through job boards can work but you'll often encounter a lot of competition. 

This post shows you how to find clients without using a job board.
Creating a “Target List” on Twitter, setting up a “Hire Me” page and attending Local Events are some of the suggestions listed that works really well for me.

Very well thought out suggestions from +Carrie Smith on how to look for clients using out-of-the-box ideas instead of going the traditional route.

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[Download] The SEO Service Contract Template We Use

I know a lot of you freelancers and agencies are getting tons of leads during these months of the year. If you were looking for a foundational document for all the agreements you’ll be signing, this document should provide you with a few ideas. Enjoy!

#seo   #seotools  

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What are dealers saying about AutoDeal?
this feedback made my day <3

In recent weeks, the feedback that have received from dealers and sales agents has been overwhelming with dealers reporting record-breaking conversion times on leads, increased showroom traffic and most importantly: closed sales. 

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A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager: How to Spend Time on Social Media via +Buffer 

I was curious for myself whether my social media manager workload and workflow were similar to someone else’s. Here’s what I found.

A very interesting compilation from +Kevan Lee 

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What Hairstylists Can Teach You About Effective Social Media Marketing

This post shares a social media marketing strategy hairstylists use to inspire you to think outside the box to market your freelance business.

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